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Ring in the New Year in Style – 5 New Looks for 2016

With every new year come new beginnings; a promise to self to improve in any way you wish to. Learning a new art or just revamping your look are a pleasant change that can help you put together a good self-image. Work positively on self-improvement by learning to put to best use your amazing collection of scarfs and shawls. Here are a few ways to help you start –

 Stylish scarf necklace Get creative and turn your old scarfs into something new and desirable. Plait three or more narrow scarfs and embellish with a broach or accessory. Choose the colours to coordinate well and keep the accessory fancy enough for a formal occasion. Wrap around your neck or around a bun for a stylish look.
 colorful shingora scarf Just a slight change in drape can make a big difference. Vow to experiment with your knots and drapes to get a new look every time. An off-centre knot is a magical touch that can transform your attire making even a simple outfit look like something off the ramp. Choose a wide stole or shawl to best cover your outfit. Colours that are complementary or contrasting both create different looks, that will lend you a different style each time.
 stunning shingora scarf Get gorgeous with a stunning shawl draped to show off its beauty rather than to compliment an outfit as an accessory. Choose a drape or knot that spreads it out, showcasing it in all its glory. Even an outfit that is nothing special will shine through, making you look stunning with a shawl that is a statement piece.
 scarf ring If you have not tried a scarf ring till now, it is high time you did. From the very basic to the embellished, there is no dearth of rings to choose from. Loop through and turn a simple scarf into a stylish accessory. From the simple loops to the more stylised ones, once you start loving this style, you will be hooked.
 scarf as hair wrap Try adding a scarf to your hair by way of wrapping around a bun, weaving into a plait or by wearing as a bandana. The chicest girls carry their hair in a scarf. One of the secret weapons in the weaponry of French women, who are considered to be the smartest, is their way with scarfs. You will be surprised as to the number of ways you can style your hair with a scarf, even on a bad hair day.

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