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Style Resolutions for 2016, the Shingora Way

Style Resolutions for 2016, the Shingora way

Shingora brings to you a style resolution list that should sort your trend quotient for 2016, one resolution to imbibe each month. If you make one resolution, it should come off this list. Read on to find yours –

  • Clean up your look even for a trip ‘just’ to the local store – Stepping out of house in flip-flops and pyjamas may be tempting but is under no circumstances acceptable. Even when you are in a hurry, changing into a pair of sandals and pants is not really such a big effort.
  • Choose style over fashion – What you buy off store shelves is fashion and how you wear it is style. Following fashion blindly makes you a part of the hysteria and you may end up with something that doesn’t flatter you.
  • Dress according to your body type – When you are aware of the styles that flatter your body type, there is less scope to make mistakes. When you choose fashion over your personal style, you may end up looking ridiculous.
  • Think of fashion as an accent – Choose things that are in tune with your personal sensibilities and add to that an accessory, colour or piece of clothing that is of-the-moment.
  • Never leave your home without looking in the mirror- You are wearing an outfit that you have worn many times and are so comfortable with the look that you don’t bother to look at yourself in the mirror; take a minute and glimpse at yourself. You may find that there is something fresh that you have that will add a twist to the oft repeated outfit and make you look better.
  • Minimise add ons – When you are ready, take off one accessory that you can do without. This reduces the chances of being overdressed and makes you look sophisticated, always. A simple scarf may work better than a load of assorted jewellery. Shop for the perfect stoles at
  • When using a statement piece, keep all else simple – When you are wearing a cocktail ring, a big neckpiece or a bold coloured outfit, tone down everything else or you stand to look like a Christmas tree with ornaments competing to outdo each other.
  • Unless you are sure about how to do it, avoid mixing prints – However big print on print may be, don’t attempt it unless you are a pro. There is a much higher chance that you will look like a clown rather than a supermodel on the runway.
  • Pair flowing silhouettes with defined drapes – If you are wearing a billowing skirt, go for a tailored top that is fitted. If you have ruffles on your top or coat, keep the bottom fitted and narrow.
  • File looks you like – Have role models who you admire and keep looks that you like as pictures or cuttings from magazines. Style is easier to emulate if you have something to refer to.
  • Buy when you need, not because it is on sale – Shop to satisfy needs and desires not to give in to lures and traps set up by big chains and stores. Sales are a great place to pick up staples but buying things that don’t fit but are available at rock bottom prices is just insane.
  • Dress your age – Even if you have a great body, dressing you age is a great idea as it could stop you from making a fool of yourselves. Dressing as a teen in your fifties is a bad idea and best avoided.

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