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Achieve Glam Sartorial Perfection with Our AW23 Creations

Achieve Glam Sartorial Perfection with Our AW23 Creations

Winters are usually associated with ‘feeling all the blues.’ We get it. All one can think of is curling up against the fireplace with the softest blanket to watch a series or a movie. Whether you are someone who hesitates to step out during this season, or you are someone who looks forward to the winters, we have something special for you!  

Our in-house designers create and curate timeless creations each season to bring you authentic, luxurious, and superior-quality contemporary pieces. This time, we’re bringing you three collections that are an ode to your winter story.  

Take a sneak peek into our AW23 collections to ace your layering game.  


The Appeal of Perfect Balance

Perfect balance collection - Shingora shawls and stoles. Woolen shawls and stoles for winter.
Perfect Balance Collection

We can’t help but marvel the beauty of symmetry, balance, and geometry. The intricate motifs resembling jewellery from the 1930’s Art Deco era meshed with the geometric shapes in gold and onyx is unmissable. Add to that the Phulkari embroidery presented as abstract perfection. The ‘Perfect Balance‘ collection represents the sweet union between the East and the West.  

Oozing with femininity and sleek sophistication, spot the geometric running lines, circles, squares, and abstract motifs. This is where form meets function; rigour meets softness.  

These contemporary-chic drapes in neutral and timeless hues of camel beige, ivory white, silver concrete, and black charcoal transcend time and fashion cycles. 

The Aura of Timeless Portraits

Achieve glam perfection with Shingora's Timeless Portraits collection of premium woolen shawls, stoles, and mufflers this winter.
Timeless Portraits Collection

Before the age of smartphones, internet, and social media, the royals decked up and captured their flamboyant best in grand portraits. A nod to the period dramas, timeless opulence, and European golden woodwork, we created ‘Timeless Portraits’ — a collection of ornate shawls and stoles capturing the imperial charm. Be the main character of your story by embracing décor-hardcore and maximalism.  

The classic Paisley motifs and Baroque twirls feature against the fabric in the deep and antique tones of cold gold, sage green, cranberry maroon, and stone blue. Our artisans weave wool and silk yarns creating intricate Zari threadwork. Bring home the heritage of traditional Kashmiri flair with drapes created for connoisseurs of beauty beyond boundaries.  

The Allure of Pretty Things

Shingora Pretty Things collection is a range of cosy, premium shawls and stoles perfect to add glamor to your winter wardrobe.
Pretty Things Collection

Bringing you some quintessential bling, glamour, and shimmer, the ‘Pretty Things’ collection is an ode to ‘all things girly.’ It fuses together the power of flower and the spirit of party and play in the form of romantic florals, lace, glimmering twirls, bows, and garland-like heavenly motifs placed against shiny metallic blends. It is flowy, it is light, and it is every fashionista’s dream come true. Choose from drapes in bright Barbie pink, Cinderella midnight blue, deep emerald tones, and rich caramel hues with lush gold and silver floral ornamentation.  

Our AW23 handloom shawls and stoles are wardrobe staples that stand the test of time. While the frosty waves of wind pass by you, be ‘any-occasion-ready’ or snuggle up for a ‘party-for-two’ event with our luxurious creations. Revel in its sheer beauty today.  

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