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Why Shingora’s Holiday Season Drapes Make for Timeless Gifts!

Winter shawls & stoles - Shingora’s Holiday Season Drapes Make for Timeless Gifts!

Feel that winter nip? It is the holiday season—one of the most magical times to gift warmth and memories to friends, family, and loved ones (or even yourself). Amidst year-end gatherings and chilly gushes of wind, Shingora invites you to make gifting even more memorable and special this year. Our shawls and stoles are not just accessories; they are warm embraces, crafted from premium fabrics. Get to know the intricacies behind our three standout collections and choose beyond the ordinary.  
Let us delve into the making of our luxurious shawls and stoles so that you can make an informed decision while adding these handcrafted gifts to the cart. 

Unveiling Inspirations

True artistry is where there is no dearth of inspiration to keep you going. We find fascinating influences that shape each of our shawls and stoles. 

To begin with, the amalgamation between the East and the West and the form and function of the Perfect Balance drapes are playful yet structurally harmonious. 

Gifting ideas by Shingora. Shingora woolen shawls and stoles.
Perfect Balance Collection

Next, we present the luxury of pure royalty. Our meticulously woven shawls from Timeless Portraits are meant to take us back in time to rejoice and revel in the grandeur and opulence of capturing memories in larger-than-life portraits. It is a reminder to dress up and make the world your own. 

Gift Shingora shawls and stoles to your loved ones this holiday season.
Timeless Portraits Collection

Then comes a one-of-a-kind floral story that is not just romantic but also exudes confidence, glamour, and bling. The pieces from ‘Pretty Things’ are represented as pretty collectibles with elements that are ‘all things girly,’ meant to bring abundant joy to your lives. 

Gifting solutions for holidays by Shingora. Shingora shawls and stoles for winter. Shawls and stoles for men. Shawls and stoles for women.
Pretty Things Collection

Exploring Fabrics

Shingora and its artisans work with a select set of winter fabrics that not only offer you a luxurious look and feel but also become durable pieces that stand the test of time. To begin with, we are proud to be a Woolmark-certified brand, bringing you woven drapes made using the highest quality Merino and Cashmere wool. It effectively reduces odor and retains moisture even when damp. When we think of blends, we also extensively create them with metallics, which are lightweight synthetic fibers. They exude a glossy and sheen effect, and these gold and silver-colored yarns tend to be used for intricate embroidery (Zari work).

Next, we have Kani shawls, where ‘Kani’ stands for small wooden sticks or bobbins that are inserted in the loom to create distinct patterned motifs. The Kanis are made from Pashmina wool. It is the perfect testament to skilled artistry. 

Modal and Tencel are also added to our list of unique fabrics. The first one is Modal; it is a semi-synthetic textile made from the cellulose of beech wood. It offers a silk-like texture and is a breathable fabric. Tencel, on the other hand, is a light and versatile fabric that is also biodegradable, as it demands less energy and water in comparison to conventional cotton. 

The most unique and well-known fabric of them all is Jacquard—the invention for weaving this fabric in 1804 inspired the creation of computer coding! Joseph-Marie Jacquard forever revolutionized the way patterned fabric was woven. His invention, featuring detailed punch cards like those of binary codes, was applied to looms to make it easy for artists to weave patterns. Today, it is one of the most popular textiles in the world, with stunning ornate designs that are woven into the fabric’s DNA to give it a raised texture that feels embroidered but is not.

Gifting Masterpieces

Winter shawls and stoles are key to the art of layering. It is often draped over the head or worn over the shoulders or neck. Here are our top 3 tips to help you gift or build your stack of fashion-forward staples. 

  • To liven up a dark-hued monochrome Indian traditional outfit, pair it with a Perfect Balance shawl to bring out the bold contrast. 
  • If gifting muted and neutral-toned creations is your love language, wrap up the special present with Timeless Portraits’ regal shawl. 
  • Maximalism, when done right, can look fantastic! Add more bling and drama to a heavily patterned dress with our floral and shiny shawls from Pretty Things. Choose delicate silver jewelry to retain some dainty elements. 

May joy and merriment fill your days during this holiday season and the new year, complemented by the allure of luxe gifts from Shingora. We craft a myriad of premium pieces that truly champion the rich heritage of Indian arts while also infusing them with contemporary finesse and flair. We hope that these drapes become a cherished addition to your wardrobe or that of your loved ones, weaving a tapestry of timeless elegance. 

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