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Which are the Perfect Travel Scarfs for New Year? Insider Tips from Shingora

Travel light and you travel smart. This new year, when you travel, carry the least amount of stuff to make sure that it doesn’t weigh you down or slow you down. For that you need to cut back on what you pack into your suitcases when you travel. But when you leave back certain garments or accessories, you may feel that you are compromising on the overall look of your outfits. To bypass this problem and still be able to travel light, pack in scarfs of varied styles and dimensions. Not only do they accessories all outfits effortlessly, but they also add very little weight. In fact, you can stow them into your handbag and not worry about them. A small scarf can even be tied around the strap of your handbag to give it a trendy feel.

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When travelling, you want to create different looks from the limited wardrobe that you can lug around. Scarfs come in handy for that and you need to have a few chic travel scarfs for the new year. A new year is a fresh start and a hopeful time. Travelling around new years is a wonderful experience for the whole world is in a joyous mood. It makes sense to carry with you a few outfits that are formal and fun at the same time. To make sure that you can turn the few dresses you pack into your suitcases into many different looks, invest in the right kind of scarfs. Your basic wardrobe can include just a little black dress, a stylish gown in a solid deep tone, a pencil skirt with a formal blouse and an assortment of jeans, trousers and tops. Around these you can weave in different looks by just playing around with the scarfs.

Take your look from day to night by accessorising your black dress with a fun, quirky print scarf for a day of sightseeing around the city you are travelling to and a warm wool scarf for a stroll by the sea or a shimmery silk scarf for clubbing at night. The same black dress can be worn on the flight with an over sized shawl that will keep you warm and comfy while travelling. A bright floral print scarf is all you need to wear to the beach apart from your swimwear. No need to carry a separate scarf for accessorising your day dresses and another sarong to wear to the beach. A striking scarf from will keep you looking ravishing at the beach and off.

When you are travelling another concern is temperature fluctuations. When you are going to a tropical place where the temperatures make you sweat, you might think that you don’t really need a scarf. But think again, for many warm places have air conditioning running at full blast and the moment you walk into a building, you will be reaching for the scarf that you will be glad you stowed away into your handbag.

The right scarf can make your travel plans a pleasure this new year by upgrading your outfits to new looks and enabling you to dress up or dress down any look. Get shopping for happy travel escapes!

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