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What Your Pocket Square Says About You

Mens Pocket Squares by Shingora

Men love their accessories about as much as women do, if not more so. A pocket square is a part of their attire that they find indispensable. Much thought goes into buying the perfect one. Logging on to an online website with premium quality squares, such as is the best way to source the kind that you are looking for. It is a personal choice that says a lot about the wearer. Here is what your pocket square says about you –

Shingora Pocket Squares

The Macho Guy – He prides his masculinity and his attire is all about showcasing it. He prefers all things with a clear male design, which keep him away from florals and girlie tones. His pocket squares come in red, blue, black and other warm tones featuring mostly stripes, checks and abstracts.

The Metrosexual Male – He is absolutely at ease with both the yin and yang of his personality. The pocket squares that he chooses are in equal measures bold and delicate. No colour is taboo for him and he wears stripes and dots with as much confidence as he does florals, vines and paisleys.

The Party Lover – You can tell this guy just by looking at his pocket square; chances are you can see it even in the dark. Think neons, bright colours, vibrant patterns and fun designs. Never ones to shy away from the quirkiest prints, they are the ones who always look out for the most funky ones. For them it is not a piece os fabric visible from their jacket but a style statement that lets them express their exuberant style.

The Introspective Guy – A thinker and a philosopher, the introspective guy chooses accessories that are thought provoking pieces, conversation starters and maybe carry a bit of history. If it is not something inherited from his father, his pocket squares will be muted in colour but rich in patterns. No patterns that he cannot understand, he needs designs that reflect glimpses of heritage and culture. From elephant motifs to quirky ones like the Shingora Jantar Mantar piece, if it stimulates his grey cells, it makes the cut.

The Entrepreneur – A go getter, his choices are larger than life. Pieces that match his level of passion make it to his wardrobe. Think bold abstracts and vibrant colours. Stripes and checks are too boring for him, he likes to live life on the edge with accessories to match.

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