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What makes for a Perfect Father’s Day Gift? 4 Ideas from Shingora

Father’s Day is a celebration of the memories that we have grown up with, on the proud shoulders of a man for whom we were the centre of the universe. In their quiet way, they have ensured we never lacked anything and looked our best always. As they pamper us every single day, Father’s Day is just an excuse to make them feel special with gifts for dad. We know you must be looking for the right gift ideas for dad and Shingora extends its help in coming up with the best father’s day gift ideas. For the most special man in anyone’s life, here are some wonderful gift ideas:

1. Belts – Even if your dad is the simplest person you know, even if he has never shopped for any fashionable article ever, a belt is such an accessory that he will surely use. He may not express his desire for things, but a well thought out belt is a beautiful gift that will go a long way. He will be reminded of your gesture every time he wears it and will appreciate the utilitarian aspect of it. Shingora has a range of fine Italian leather belts in a variety of colours and textures. Choose one that will best suit his personality and bring a smile to his face.

2. Ties – No formal suit looks complete without a good tie to go with it. Shingora has the finest silk ties in a range of colours and patterns that will be appreciated for their quality and classic styling. One of the most perfect Father’s Day gift ideas, a tie is something you can’t go wrong with.

3. Pocket Squares – The power of a small square of fabric cannot be undermined as a pocket square may be a humble accessory, it brings an air of regality to your attire. Browse through the many strikingly attractive silk pocket squares from Shingora online and your dad will surely appreciate their classy charm. Of all the gifts for dad, a pocket square will always hold a special place close to his heart.

4. Men’s Scarves – Gift ideas for dads are aplenty but you will be hard pressed to find something better suited than a scarf for your dad as it is something he can use everyday, throughout the year. Choose a wool one for the winters and a cotton or linen one for summers and make him feel cared for.

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