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What Kind of Scarfs Should You Buy for a Wedding?

scarfs for wedding season by Shingora

Weddings are about celebrations, weddings are joy, weddings mean spending big bucks, weddings mean going all out; and in tune with this sentiment, shopping for a wedding, your own or for someone in the family, is an absolutely delightful experience. With more to spend and the most joyous atmosphere marked with festivities, it is a time to invest in shawls, stoles and scarfs that have the potential to be heirlooms and pieces that will enjoy a special place in your wardrobe over years to come. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most vibrant wedding collection with designer silk scarfs and more.

kinds of scarves for wedding season by Shingora

Quality Vs Quantity
Quality, any day. It is a time when you will probably have a bigger budget to shop for things that you want. It is best to choose pieces that are of the finest quality silk and wool as they will last you a lifetime. When shopping online for scarfs for wedding, it is best to go for a quality brand like Shingora that offers high quality products with international quality designs. That way your wedding collection will not go out of fashion in a year or two, but will be a much loved collection you will reach out for year after year.

Key pieces to Include
Wedding scarfs should ideally be classics but that is no reason for you to not include a few fashionable pieces. Start with a fine cashmere scarf or shawl in a colour that is either neutral or jewel toned, enabling you to wear it to special occasions for a long time. Another must have is an embroidered piece in wool or silk that can be used with both Indian and Western attire. A stunning square silk scarf is a staple that will see you through many occasions, so invest in the finest designer silk scarfs. No collection can do without a jacquard shawl that will see you through the coldest winters stylishly. You also must have a few light weight wool or silk blend stoles and scarfs for adding to your outfits as style statements. These can be stripes, dots, abstracts or florals that are to your liking. Shopping online for wedding scarfs doesn’t get easier than at with their vast range of luxury scarfs.

Coordinating Scarfs with Outfits
If you plan to wear a scarf with an outfit for a function, go ahead and pair them well. But if you are buying pieces that are classy, you don’t really need to match them as they will go with more looks than one. Mix and match from amongst those that you buy. As your wedding attire is mostly going to be rich colours and heavy embroideries, keeping the scarfs luxurious is enough for them to gel well and ensure that you get to wear these scarfs long after the wedding is over.

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