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Vacationing Like a Diva – Scarves to Tote Along

Vacations are a blessing and as much as we look forward to unwinding, we look forward to dressing up in our best holiday gear. Whether it is a beach holiday, a mountain getaway or a desert safari, our luggage holds ample treasures to help us look our best not just while vacationing but also in the numerous pictures that will refresh beautiful memories. Hemlines fall and rise, drapes becomes looser and tighter and new styles replace old ones; there is one accessory that stays on – the Scarf. As a stole, a shawl and as a square scarf, it can be worn with every garment in a variety of styles. Remember to pack in a few pieces that can be worn to compliment your outfits.

One must carry style is a square scarf that can be knotted easily with a crisp shirt or with a knitted crop top. Choose a colour scheme and design that is trendy so that you look resplendent even in a simple outfit. Dots, animal prints and paisleys are an all time favourite and you can’t really go wrong with them. Shingora offers many styles that will spruce up your look instantly.

For a beach outing, a big square scarf that doubles up as a sarong is a must. Choose an interesting pattern that sets it apart from the regular sarongs. Shingora offers plenty of abstracts, patterns and fresh colours that will have you looking like a daisy after the longest day.

For an evening out, nothing comes close to the timeless charm of a silk stole. Casually draped or tied in a fancy knot, it elevates any outfit to a graceful ensemble. Pick a black and gold scarf or a vibrant stole to unleash your glamorous side.

A day in the sun calls out to your sun hats; perk up yours with a chic linen or cotton stole. It will not just shade you from the sun but will add oomph to simply lazing around by the pool. Knot it to your handbag indoors for yet another classy look.

A few stoles and scarves can add more looks to your vacation without carrying more clothes, bringing in a fun element that you can play around with. Keep a few of the latest styles handy for you never know when a holiday beckons!

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