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Trend Alert – Wrap up Like a Kid!

Scarfs are chic and scarfs are fun. Nothing is better suited for styling up a girl than a smart scarf. Choose from an enviable array of scarfs in floral, disney, abstract and geometric prints from none other than Shingora, a name renowned the world over. An eye for detail, scintillating choice of colours, trendy designs and amazing quality make them a benchmark for style around the globe. Give your kid a taste of luxury and style at a young age to help them value good quality and finesse.


The most important thing to take into account when shopping for kids for scarfs is to make sure the fabric is soft so that their skin is not affected adversely which can happen if you make them wear synthetic or low quality scarfs. Another important thing is to keep the colours in mind. Given that kids are playful by nature, choose happy colours and stay away from dull palettes that adults may prefer. Designing is another thing to emphasise on and Shingora’s scarfs find inspiration in Disney’s loveable characters. All kids love them and will be delighted to wrap themselves in one bearing their favourite character. Minnie, Daisy and the Disney Princesses catch the fancy of the girls while Mickey Mouse, Donald and Geometric prints are adored by boys. Get your little ones the style advantage and watch them grow up like mini style icons.

The best thing about scarfs for kids is that they are very versatile. They can be teamed with jeans and dresses alike. Whether it is their birthday, a girlie party, a football game or a formal gathering, a scarf is appropriate for all occasions. Choose the right piece for the right place and they will always look ready to go. Summers are the best time to flaunt your collection. Without much ado about the attire, simply knot a colourful scarf and everything looks well put together. Happy knotting!

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