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Trees Of India – Shingora’s Celebration of Indian Flora

Trees Of India By Shingora Luxury

Attire is an extension of personality and each person wear what he or she relates to most. This is the reason that from all the variety that is available in markets, different people choose different things. But, broadly speaking, people in a particular region tend to be attached to similar patterns and traditional icons. In india, people are attached to culture and heritage while being open to global interpretation of the same. This affinity for traditional with a twist of contemporary is ably showcased in Shingora Luxury Scarves. The vibrant and rich flora of India is celebrated in an equally mesmerising collection, Trees of India.

Trees Of India by Shingora

The pattern incorporates a representation of the extensive collection of trees that abound in India. From the mighty banyan to the spectacular Gulmohar, the vivid trees make for quite a visual delight. The artistic impression of these trees set alongside each other gives the feel of a dense forest of the kinds that the world flocks to admire. Translated into a square scarf, it is a design that is aesthetically pleasing while being rooted in heritage. Crafted in fine silk, the scarfs are a delight for the wearer for they lend any outfit a regal air and the luxurious feel of silk leaves you feeling indulged. Get your hands on this luxury accessory by Shingora that is the perfect accent for high end designer wear and is just as right to dress up smart casuals for a spectacular look. A very modern looking piece, the pattern is a carnival of leaves, twigs, branches, flowers, stems and trunks in beautiful colours and shapes. Set against strips of abstract pattern with a plain, pastel border, it is a must have piece that gels easily with a lot of outfits.

The intricate and detailed design adorning the scarf is screen printed onto the rich fabric. Gentle on the skin, light in weight and gorgeous in deign, Trees of India looks great on. Available in a range of colours, the mid sized scarf lends itself to a variety of knots and drapes. Whatever way you tie it, it never fails to make an impact, making it a sure shot conversation starter. Wear it to the office with a skirt suit for a feminine look or with a business pant suit for power dressing. Teamed with a shift dress, it makes for a graceful accessory for a day time event. Pair it with a dark coloured evening dress and it creates the right vibe of glam. A scarf as versatile as this is an accessory to add to your wardrobe to reach out for any time, any season.

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