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Travel Inspired Luxury Scarves – Safari Pop

The Safari Pop collection is a luxurious annual collection by Shingora with the independent woman as its muse. Centered around her love for travel as an integral part of her routine, the collection celebrates the gentle rebel in her. Her innate curiosity nurtures her love for interacting with new cultures. True tribal spirit brings her joy and it is through these travels that she compiles a mosaic that is personal yet relatable. There is that sophisticated luxury that she inevitably falls for as well as the collage of offbeat memories that she gathers where she goes. All this comes together in a beautiful expression as the Safari Pop collection.

The Safari Pop collection conjures up images of travels and quirk in equal parts that represents today’s lifestyle very aptly. An eclectic combination of the global nomads who love the eccentric side of things, the collection is a very loveable one. As well suited to be worn with day formals for a get together with friends as it is to an evening soiree, each piece of this edit is a fantastic conversation starter.


The millennials identify with the world as their stage where they play the traveller ever so often. For them travel is not a pastime but a way of life where they just get up and go immerse themselves in local experiences at spots all over the globe. An African safari, glamping, interacting with local elements and creating a story that is unique to them, each of the scarves also brings to the narrative a bit of the whimsical. The collection makes ample use of freehand designs and camouflage detail. Across ages, the motifs used in the collection have been widely appreciated and continue to do so in their new avatar in this collection. Traditional meets the contemporary in a seamless juxtaposition that is aesthetically very appealing.


The fabric of the collection is pure silk and the prints are marked by intricate detailing. It explores design that revolves around soul enriching experiences through escape to other worlds. As contemporary explorers, each of us will love the aspects that arouse our curiosity and embrace that which is at odds with what we know as the norm. The patterns and micro patterns hide among them iconography that is a delight to discover and interpret as you wear it again and again.


An ode to the subtle rebel that she is, Safari Pop celebrates the independent woman, and that she is as much the Indiana Jones as she is the sophisticated diva. The two aspects, Safari and Pop are expressed together as a mix of colours and patterns, and also as separate colour choices in the same scarf. So for most scarves you can choose the warm, earthy tones of the Safari colour palette and the pop colour tones of pinks and blues with cold undertones. Each scarf is bordered with afro-geometric pattern ribbons or a freehand pattern put together with geometric detailing.


Shop the collection online or in a store near you. With this new luxury collection, you are never far from inspiration for your outfits.

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