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Travel in Style – Travel Blankets from Shingora bring in the Sass

Travelling is a necessity for some, passion for others and an entertaining activity for many. When we travel, we want to feel comfortable and also look our best. The weather at any given destination may be something we are aware of before we embark on the journey but it could change from warm to cool or from cool to warm with just a shower or a brief spell of harsh sun. Whatever the weather, it makes sense to be prepared to deal with the elements. A smart travel blanket could come in handy in a situation where the temperature unexpectedly drops. When you are on a flight or even travelling by a AC bus, the temperature inside could be many degrees less than outside. At times, this makes it too cold to be pleasant. The solution to such situations is travel blankets.

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Shingora has a chic range of lightweight travel blankets in solid colours. They can be stowed away in your handbag, yet are large enough to keep you cosy on a flight. Made from fine pure wool, they are warm enough for the low flight temperatures not to bother you. Drape them on and sleep like a baby on the longest flight. It makes for a great cover up for small children as well for they don’t feel weighed down and offers them the comfort of warmth. These innovative travel blankets are all you really need for an evening out by the beach when the weather has just started turning and there is a slight nip in the air.
Smart enough to drape with a formal dress, they are also durable enough to withstand rough use in flights. Choose from magenta, red, blue, black, white, green and more, you will surely be using it every now and then. As a travel staple, it makes sense to stock up on more than one colours as they take little space but accentuate outfits with a pop of colour. It has sufficient span to embrace you in its warmth, it is so fine that it can be worn as a loose knot when it is not very cold. With so much versatility on offer, there is no reason not to add it to your travel kit.

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