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This Winter Wrap Up in Style with Stunning Collection of Scarves

WINTER HAS COME so has the season of sweaters, jackets and pullovers. But, there’s something which is even more useful in the winter – Stylish scarves for women. Not only do they act as a protective shield against those chilly winds in winters but also serve as a perfect fashion accessory. One can easily mix and match the style with their different attires for various events and functions. Scarves have the power to transform any outfit completely and make one look more elegant and beautiful than ever.


Scarves by Shingora come in a variety of designs, shades, colors and fabrics. Different patterns and designs add more charm to this stylish fashion accessory. The fabrics used to make scarves are generally- silk, cashmere, cotton, wool, chiffon, satin etc. These fabrics can be used according to the weather. For example, Silk is a soft and high-quality material that provides an elegant and classy look to the outfit. It gives a gentle, feminine effect. Worn best in light parties during both summer and winters. Whereas woolen shawls are mostly used in cooler temperatures because of the thickness and warmth of the wool provides. Both scarves, silk and wool are certified with Silk Mark and Woolmark to ensure its quality and readiness to be used by people.

woolen shawl 2_2

However, the way you wrap up a scarf becomes your fashion statement. Women often wrap a scarf around their neck for optimal warmth and comfort during winters. Whereas the wide scarves are usually folded in half and tied into the knots for a more innocent yet classy look. Some women prefer more stylish and fashionable ways to use scarves with their attire.

Way to wear a scarf  Way to wear a scarf 2

The functionality of scarf however differs from woman to woman. You will discover and create your own ways used in wearing a head scarf. Every style works extremely well based on the look and feel that the person is looking to achieve. The scarf may be used both for informal and formal occasions. The accessories which will be paired with the scarf will in addition make a difference to the final ensemble that one selects.

head scarf shawls & scarf for formal and informal

For shopping any Woolmark certified woolen shawl and Silk Mark certified Silk Shawl visit Shingora store or website.

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