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Think Ahead – Fall Decor Ideas for Your Living room

Shingora Home Abstract Design Throw Blanket

As the heart of the house, the living room is one place that should feel very welcoming and be a reflection of the people who live in the house. So, a living room of a bachelor’s place needs to be different from that of a family with kids. Making a few seasonal changes in whatever your routine decor is, is a good way of changing the look without overhauling it. As fall approaches, arm yourself with a few basic accessories to update your living room to bid adieu to the warm months. Here is how to rise above the ordinary this fall –

Shingora Home Cushion Cover

Choose a Warmer Palette – As the warm summer months give way to a more pleasant season, you might want to consider packing away the cool tones for the next year and replacing them with something more warm. Choose tones of orange, red and yellow, along with deeper shades that gel with your interiors. Just by replacing your blue and white cushions and accessories with these colours, you will be able to create an entirely different vibe. Table mats, cushions, throws and even rugs can be changed to suit your mood or that of the weather. Take your pick from the choicest collection of Shingora’s cushions and throws at

Shingora Home Geometric Throw Blanket

Try Abstract and Geometrical Prints – If you have a preference for paisleys and floral prints, go in for abstracts and geometrical prints or vice-versa. Choosing a print that you wouldn’t normally pick is a sure shot way of creating a completely different feel. Feel free to ask for advice, if you are not sure of the correct combinations. It is easy when you shop for your throws and cushions at Shingora’s online store. Just show the pictures to someone whose style sense you trust and get shopping. With a wide range in varied styles, it doesn’t get any simpler than this.

 Shingora Home Abstract Design Throw Blanket

Cozy Up with More – Make your home a haven for friends and family. Don’t be afraid to pile on the cushions, spread out the rugs and throw on plentiful throws for everyone around. It adds to the appeal of a room and makes it more inviting. It is in rooms such as this that memories of a lifetime are made. Cushion fights, chatting till late into the night with a hot cuppa and a throw around you, and selfies against the most vivid backdrops; an evening in the fall should be all this and more.

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