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The Magic of Layering – Shingora shows you how to work this look

Shingora shows you how to work this look

Have you ever reached a venue and instantly regretted the heavy pullover that you are wearing as it is ready to suffocate you in the centrally heated place even as the outside temperature hovers near zero? If you have admired someone’s style where they do not weigh themselves in a single heavy garment but have layers of structured and unstructured garments in a cool, casual way, read on. Layering is one of the most versatile and chic styles to carry, once you know how.

To get the style right, there are a few basics that are a great addition to any wardrobe. Stock up on ganjis, vests, tees, capes, wraps and shrugs, jackets, kaftans, coats and most importantly, varied types of scarfs. Once your basics are in place, learn how to cop the look.

Rule 1.  First rule is to stick to a family of colours so as to combine colours that are in the same colour range. Or choose contrasting colours that are from the opposite sides of the colour wheel. Either way is good, depending on your personal choice and dressing style. Though, it is better not to add too many clashing colours. If you go in for a neutral palette, you can bring in a playful touch of colours with a scarf or a funky neckpiece.

Rule 2. To get the best results, choose layers that are not chunky. Lighter fabrics in a mix of structured and flowing drapes is best. Say, a flowing long cape with a structured short jacket or a coat with a stole cascading down your shoulders.

Get layering!

Rule 3. Don’t put summer clothes away for the winter. Layer your trenches with dresses, your jackets with skirts and your cardigans with asymmetrical hems and tights. Not only will it look nice but will also let you incorporate summer colours easily.

Rule 4. It is very easy to look frumpy in a layered outfit if you don’t get it right. In principle, the innermost layers should be fitted. If you feel the outer layers are adding too much volume, go for some kind of a belt or sash at the waist to create a leaner silhouette.

Rule 5. The best looks are those that bring in a visual appeal in the form of textures, that you can and should vary in the layers. Think cotton, tweed and silk or some other combination of finishes and fabrics.

Rule 6. Don’t leave the accessories behind! They can make your look seem right out of a fashion glossy. Scarfs and jewellery are indispensable in creating the perfect harmony between different elements. Get your pick of the finest and latest scarfs from none other than the globally renowned Shingora at

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