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The Dress For Every Season – Make it Yours

Season after season, fashion steps in, steps up, takes a bow and makes way for a new trend.


It is this continuous change that keeps the customer interested and the look fresh. But some styles endure and they become known not as fleeting trends but as classics that will be there year after year, finding a place of pride in your wardrobe. A shift dress is one such piece. Every year, a variation in print, fabric, colours and accessories brings in the seasonal touch while retaining the soul of the garment. It not just endures seasonal shifts (pun intended), but also takes you from your 20s through plus 50s effortlessly. Here is how to own it at different stages in your life –

Tangy 20s An age when you are still discovering your comfort zone and love experimenting with your clothes, have fun with the shift dress during the 20s. Team up a neon or colour blocked shift with spiked cuffs and edgy accessories. Go for off-beat heels that aim not to confirm. Add a quirky bag with a sassy print or funky embellishments. A quirky print scarf tied as a bracelet or a belt with charms will add that x-factor to your look.

Thrilling 30s A time when you are more comfortable in your skin. You know how to rock a look so that it makes heads turn and can dress for the effect you desire. Pick a shift that accentuates your best features, a neckline that will show-off your collarbones, a belt that will showcase your worked out abs and a length that elongates your legs in wedges, kitten heels or whatever you feel right at the moment. Avoid over-planning a look and accessorise with richer baubles that you have worked hard to deserve.

Feisty 40s You have dressed enough for the world; throw caution out of the window and dress to please no one but yourself. If you feel your shift looks best with flip-flops, buy the best and pair them with a confident look. Over-accessorise if you feel like it and don’t be afraid to look like you are trying too hard. You have nothing to lose, your friends love you the way you are and no one worth keeping will leave you for how you dress. A Classy hairstyle makes it all fall into place and you can make all your eccentric whims pass off as amazing.

Fabulous 50s Itching to be stylish without having to try hard, the 50s are all about being the most gorgeous woman anyone knows. Every younger woman would love to know your secret and you will have plenty of advice to dish out. Get an oversized scarf to keep the chill out but do it in a way that the just-out-of-college crowd earmarks as something to try out. Put your delicate jewellery to best use and wear it everyday. Celebrate every moment and do it in your favourite colour of lipstick. Stack the biggest diamond on your finger, now that your birdies have flown the nest and you have all the time to pamper yourself.

After that you will have more experience than others in what to wear and how to do it best. So, there is no stopping you as you made the rules, lived them and broke them to have a fresh new list.

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