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Tell Your Scarf Apart from a Muffler in 2 Easy Ways

Shingora men mufflers and women scarves

A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. There was a time when muffler and scarf were easily used interchangeably but over time and with the introduction of car mufflers, the ones that silenced the sound of the engines, the term became less associated with the neck accessory. Over time, the word muffler became obscure and the term scarf gained popularity in common usage. So, broadly speaking, what our grandparents referred to as a muffler, we refer to as a scarf. Also, while muffler was mostly British in usage, Americans refer to it as a scarf. That is where the similarity ends, for with time the two words have been used to refer to different kinds of neck wear.

One of the most commonly perceived difference between muffler and scarf is that scarves for women are called scarves while those for men are referred to as mufflers. When we say scarves for men, that is also correct but a muffler generally conjures up a more masculine image. When shopping online, muffler is less frequently used for either and you mostly find them mentioned as women scarves online and men scarves online.

Shingora Scarves and mufflers

Another thing that most people use to tell a scarf apart from a muffler is that a scarf is mostly an accessory meant to enhance your look than a utilitarian article of dressing. Muffler is reserved for a bulkier scarf that is less dressy and intended more to keep you warm. When you shop online for scarves for women, remember that muffler is not widely used to refer to scarves for women and the warmest, most stylish accessories at leading brands like are referred to as scarves.

So, whether or not you get to tell them apart, it is the fact that they add to your look in myriad ways that makes them so appealing to have in your wardrobe. Getting together a varied and vibrant collection of scarves for women and men’s scarves online will keep your wardrobe up to date without any major overhauling of garments. Get the trendiest colours, the most attractive patterns and weather suited fabrics to pair with all outfits and make heads turn where ever you go. It is undoubtedly the top most option in refreshing your look.

Women pride themselves for their style quotient and men appreciate the aura that the right dressing lends to their personality. Accessories add that extra bit to any outfit that turns it from regular to special, bringing with it a personal touch. Many people wear the same attire but it is through accessorising that each one stands apart. Scarves and mufflers are the perfect accessory to bring that edge of uniqueness to your outfit. Choose well by shopping online at premium brands where you just cannot go wrong.

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