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Strut in Style with Luxury Fashion from Shingora @AIFW – AW ’17

Shingora at AIFW

The most awaited fashion event of the year is finally around the corner and Shingora is once again ready to make its presence felt with an inimitable array of designer scarfs and stoles. Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter ’17 is an event where the who’s who of the fashion industry marks their presence. From designers to brands to retailers, it is a big draw for all owing to the wonderful representation it offers. Shingora is a brand that has cemented its place in the hallowed arenas of the fashion world with its luxurious and trendy scarfs and stole. All set to delight with designs and colours that draw from varied themes and are in keeping with global contemporary aesthetics, Shingora shall be a part of the exhibition with a resplendent collection to display.

amazon india fashion week banner

With an eye on predicted trends and colours for Fall Winter of this year, an entire range of Travel, Occasion and Classic wear has been designed. This, and the current range for Spring Summer will be exhibited at the Fashion Week. If the response from the past is any indication, this year too, the collection is expected to draw in the crowds who have by now learnt to expect only the very best from Shingora. To appease modern tastes and cater to those looking for quality, Shingora has kept true to its trademark fine fabrics and cosmopolitan approach to design. Embracing inspiration from all around, the collection talks of Mineral Alchemy, Trees of India, Silver Shine, Destination Gifting and Colorama. All this, while bringing in fresh new approach to style that puts together the best of traditional Indian heritage with the international. Each scarf is painstakingly designed by international designers who appreciate cultural nuances, crafted by craftsmen who value finesse and manufactured by a brand that understands the luxurious feel of fine fabrics.

Step in to witness Shingora’s marvellous collection in all its splendour at the Amazon India Fashion Week.

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