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Starting Afresh- Small steps to a Stylish You

A new year brings new hopes, new beginnings and a host of new resolutions. Big changes take time and may not be feasible while small steps are doable. Aiming for small resolutions that will not let you down and will help you in many small ways, come together to form a substantial change. Whether it is your dressing style or your eating habits, aim for tweaks you can incorporate rather than sweeping changes. Here are a few workable resolutions for the new year that will leave you feeling better about yourself –

• Even in tearing hurry, add a statement piece –Although it is difficult to imagine accessorising when you are rushed, it could mean the difference between looking carelessly dressed and well turned out at all times. Wrap around a scarf or drape a shawl and bring in the semblance of a well coordinated outfit. Whether you are wearing jeans, a dress or a pant suit, a simple accessory like a scarf will make you look polished enough.

• Organise the Night Before –Whether you have to leave for office in the morning, or simply meet up with friends; the night before, take the time to organise what you will be wearing, down to the last detail, and you will be surprised how much time it saves you in the morning.

• Refresh accessories to renew your wardrobe –You can get your wardrobe to give you many more wears by just shuffling around the accessories. By pairing an outfit that you have worn many times with a scarf tied in a trendy style or by draping it in a manner that lets it take centerstage, you can easily max out your wardrobe

• Ready to experiment – By being flexible in your approach to fashion, you set yourself free. Free yourself from the risk of falling in the rut of dressing in a similar manner all the time and go against your grain once in a while
Let the new year be a time when you stick to your routine and yet, incorporate changes that will enhance you in a manner that you most desire.

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