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Slip Around Silk this Summer

As misconceptions go, no silk during summers is big indeed. There is hardly a fibre as versatile as silk and it would be a pity to restrict it to just one season. So, pull out all the stops and shop for the coolest silk scarfs this summer at With enough designs for every day of the season and plenty to choose from in terms of colour palette, no stylish girl should be seen without one. As great as it looks, it is surprisingly simple to style and add to any outfit. Here is how you can work silk scarfs into your wardrobe-


Tie a Mughal print scarf around your neck with a little white dress. Keep accessories to a minimum and let the scarf do the talking. Remember the fun of is look is in simplicity so do not over style it. Let it be relaxed with a loose knot that is stylish but doesn’t get warm. Fine silk will keep you looking chic even in a casual outfit. Choose a design that is contemporary with a colour scheme that you are comfortable with. Shingora does a lot of great pieces in silk that would find favour with the stylish pack.


Belt it up like a sexy diva with a broad scarf belt tied around the waist extending to cover a bit of the hips. Whether it is a dress, a pair of trousers, shorts or denims, this is surely a great way to style your silks. The unmistakable sheen of exceptional quality silk will make you the focus of every event. As you are going to be wearing the belt in a wide manner, it makes sense to choose an interesting print that can maximise your outfit’s impact, such as this exquisite scarf in silk from .


Head gear is hot once again. With hats making a comeback like never before and scarfs turning up on the heads of the fashionistas, it is hard to not get one for yourself. Start at one and you are sure to get hooked and say goodbye to bad hair days. Wrap around the base of a ponytail or wear like a bandana, it never fails to make an impression. Pick interesting colours and a modern pattern that you don’t mind wearing on your head. Quirky patterns make for the best hair accessories and you should go ahead try on a few styles in different ways to get to what you enjoy the most.

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