Shingora Invites you to Textiles India 2017

Manufacturing Excellence, With Global Competence!

Shingora Textiles Ltd., an ISO 9000 and SA 8000 accredited company, with global brand presence, has over the decades evolved from a handloom driven enterprise to a state-of-the-art facility exporting to many countries.

Invite for textile India 2017

To know more about Mrs Jain’s views on ‘Productivity and Marketing Constraints in the Wool Sector,’ visit Textile India 2017 on July 1st.

Building a Brand, Exploring opportunities to expand!

Shingora has carved a niche for itself as a luxury brand for shawls, scarfs, shrugs and kaftans for women, scarfs for kids and scarfs and pockets squares for men, along with home linen.

Stay tuned for her views on ‘Productivity and Marketing Constraints in the Wool Sector’ at the round-table discussion, Textile India 2017 in Gujarat this Saturday.

Understanding responsibility, Uplifting the less privileged in society!

A visionary and an inspiration to many, Mrs. Jain continues to contribute to the industry’s & society’s growth. Under her aegis, Shingora provides quality education to 56 girl children from economically disadvantaged families between ages 3 to 17 years.

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