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Winter’s Perfect Companion – The Shawl


Nothing beats the winter chill like a stylish shawl. A fashion staple, it has become a must for every one from celebrities to the girl next door. The simplicity of the garment and its easy versatility make it very coveted. The basic shawl can be draped in a variety of styles, each making a different style statement. The same piece can be worn in myriad ways, looking radically different each time. The perfect companion to the cold winter days, have at least a few of them in different styles to be chic. Here is how you can work your shawl beyond the traditional drape-

  • The Coat Drape- Drape the shawl across your shoulders and let the sides hang in the front from either shoulder. Tie a belt on the waist over the shawl and create the look of a coat. It looks amazing with your formal and casual clothes alike.
  • The Layered Look- Choose two shawls of different colours or different textures and drape one in a longer style and the other around your neck. The contrast makes for a great style statement and is a great way to ape the colour blocking trend.
  • The Unconventional Traditional – The usual around the body drape can be given an interesting twist by putting two shawls of different styles but same dimensions together and drape them in the regular way. It keeps the chill out and the second shawl adds a unique dimension to the look.
  • A Different Broach- Don’t shy away from traditional accessories like a broach. When it comes to style, vintage things or those that are stylish enough can be easily incorporated into your outfit to create a mesmerising effect. Create a drape that you like and keep it in place with a bold pin. It looks visually stunning and is a style that will get you many compliments.

Whatever style you choose remember that the only rule about drapes is that there are no rules. Have fun with your collection of shawls and buy them in the best quality from leading brands such as Shingora. Exquisite designs are crafted in silk, wool and cotton to make for pieces that make heads turn. Not a big investment like overcoats and formal dresses, shawls are the perfect accessory as they offer much more wearability than the most expensive articles in your wardrobe. At the same time, they gel well with everything from jeans to luxurious silk dresses. So, go ahead and indulge in the season’s most wanted accessory.

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