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Scarfs Save the Day – 4 Places where they are a Must

Shingora women scarves 2015

Shingora women scarves

Scarfs are an accessory that have not just aesthetic value but are great at multi-tasking as well. They go from being the accessory that brings your outfit together or the piece that adds softness to an edgy look to one that adds colour in a jiffy. But other than their stylish aspect, they are also very useful in other ways. Here are a few places where you must carry your scarf and you will be glad you did-

  1. In a Flight – How many times have you been en route a summer holiday and felt that you forgot to factor in the chill during the flight? Not only will a scarf keep you from getting too cold but will keep you looking stylish even when you are badly jet-lagged. As it folds away neatly in a tote, it is not difficult to carry around. And, surely you will a few more ways to use it at your destination of choice.
  2. To the Cinema – Another place that could be an entirely different temperature zone is a movie theatre. You arrive there in your summer best and end up feeling really cold. Short of wearing an outfit more suitable to the cold and looking entirely silly outside, there is only one sensible option- carrying a scarf. It keeps you wrapped up inside and goes on to be a chic accessory outside.
  3. Eating Out – Even restaurants can get too cold for comfort at times and may not be able to turn down the cold settings as most of the places have a single thermostat. Once again, a scarf is your best bet.
  4. Office – When you are working all day, chances that you get something on your outfit are aplenty and that could be a problem should you have to go somewhere else right from work. It helps to keep a scarf handy as it not just helps mask the outfit after a full day at work but also adds freshness to it. Suit you mood and drape it around your shoulders or knot it up around your neck.

Keeping a scarf around is not a big task as it hardly weighs anything and takes virtually no place. But it does come handy when the need arises.

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