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Pocket Square Etiquette for Men – 3 tips that will ensure you never go wrong

Shingora Pocket Square Etiquette for Men

Pocket squares are a much used and abused accessory. Many men use only this accessory, besides a watch or tie. And even then, many of them are clueless about how to use them. For them it is just another handkerchief, and nothing could be further from the truth. There are not many rules binding the use of a pocket square but using it to enhance your suit is an art and can be learnt through practice or by simply following a few pointers that constitute pocket square etiquette.

Shingora Men Pocket Squares

Rule 1. If you have ever bought a matching tie and pocket square set, this rule is for you to earmark or etch in stone. Never ever match your pocket square and tie exactly. If you already have matching sets, get rid of them, or at the very least wear them separately. There aren’t many more inflexible rules, but this is one that you should take seriously if you want to have any chance at getting the pocket square look right.

Rule 2. A pocket square should be fun, without over thinking. While you don’t have to match it to your tie, there is no reason not to coordinate it with your tie or shirt. It is desirable that you take a cue from the colours in your tie or shirt and select the pocket square in one or more of the same colours in a pattern or just in one solid colour. Shingora does amazing pocket squares and the image above showcases a few. The first pocket square in the image above, for instance, can be paired with a black, beige, blue, red or cream tie or a combination of all or a few of these. The same rule applies to pairing it with a shirt. The second pocket square can be paired even with a solid blue tie. The third one, it would look great with a dotted or chequered tie in black and white. So, while the colours can be the same, the pattern needs to vary.

Rule 3. When in doubt, buy the better quality. Never compromise on the quality of the pocket square. Even though just a sliver is visible, that bit is the most stylish part of your outfit. Make it count. Shingora offers pocket squares in the finest silk, with a range of stunning patterns. Buy the best quality that you can, focusing especially on fineness in finishing. The best way to judge the finishing is to look at the seams and the print. If the seams are free from loose threads and are consistent in thickness and style, and the print is aligned properly on all sides, you can confidently go ahead with your purchase. All of Shingora’s squares confirm to highest quality standards, making them the finest choice.

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