Styling Tips

Luxury Getaways, Styled by Shingora

Shingora’s all new campaign takes you on the holiday of a lifetime, to a luxury chateau that commands your finest outfits to take centerstage. What’s an ensemble without an opulent scarf! Shingora shows you around on a dreamy holiday, in style nonpareil.

Relish the cool morning breeze gazing at the greens from the balcony draped in a wool-cashmere shawl. Pick from the rich Rajesh Pratap Singh Collection, designed for Shingora. Stripes, floral and geometric designs, all look amazing in the morning sun.

Wrap around a wildlife inspired stole for a relaxed brunch. Choose from a tiger, elephant, lion or bird themed stole and watch the heads turn. Pair with a dress and embellished sandals for a relaxed, chic look.

Make your day around town special in a bold stole from the Luxury line draped around your shoulders, while he wraps a paisley silk stole to smarten up his attire. The little ones get a dose of the luxe trends with their very own Disney stoles. Mix and match with your outfits to create varied scintillating looks.

Get to know the city better by lounging at one of the roadside cafes that let you glimpse into the heart of the culture. Knot a quirky print scarf such as one with airplanes, circus or carnival motifs to add an element of interest to your look.

Evening attire needs nothing more than a delicate silk scarf. Pick one in colours that complement your outfit and put together a remarkable look in a jiffy. Keep other accessories to a minimum to be a true-blue diva.

Keep the stress out of bounds by keeping within reach a few classy pieces of stoles and wraps that will make you look elegant without trying hard. Shingora brings you styles for the while family, each one unique, each one a masterpiece.

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