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Leopard Swan – The Fiercely Gentle Shingora Scarf

Travel has inspired literature, cinema, art and much more. It has also inspired Shingora as can be seen in its Luxury Collection ‘Safari Pop’. More people are embracing travel as a way of life and going to places not as tourists but as explorers. They have insatiable appetites to know more about the places they visit, about the locals, their art, culture and live the whole experience. Africa is big on everyone’s travel lists and has inspired a lot of imagery, motifs and micro-motifs in the 2018 luxury collection. Each piece of this collection is unique and each piece has a story to tell.


The Leopard Swan is a scarf that is an ode to African motifs. True to the underlying theme of travel and pop of the Safari Pop collection, this scarf exudes a charm that will take you down memory lane, to a cherished vacation. Crafted in two endearing colour palettes, one is the warm, earthy toned safari palette while the other is a pop toned palette comprising of blue and pink colours in cool undertones. So whether you are pairing it with pastels, brights or neutrals, the collection offers a palette range that will perfectly complement your outfit.


The pure silk scarf is wonderfully soft and luxurious It is apt for evening wear and for formal day time occasions as well. The highlight of the design in this scarf, as the name suggests, is a leopard motif and a swan motif. Both the bird and the animal have been crafted in a very contrasting manner. While the swan arrests attention with its detailed and intricate styling, the leopard merges into the background with its camouflage print. The scarf is a medley of patterns that include the traditional Afro geometric triangles, Zulu baskets and camouflage print that have been placed in an abstract manner, in a non directional way. Ribbons of pattern run along one edge while another edge has a more curvy pattern adorning it. Yet another edge has a strip running along more than one half of the length of the edge with triangular patterns.


The scarf is made special by the use of micro-motifs that add to the look of the opulent piece. The patterns have a lot of hand drawn detailing and elements ranging from houndstooth to loops, leaves, stripes, brushstrokes and more. The way the colours are put together, the scarf comes out as a merry mix of patterns and colours, rich in styling with ample attention to detail. The playfulness depicted in the scarf lifts the mood of your outfit.
For the gentle rebel who is always looking to satiate her innate curiosity, this celebration of the travel spirit as imagined on a safari culminates as this chic scarf. This piece would be a reflection of the experiences and memories she gathers on her travels as opposed to mementos. Embrace global culture by draping this scarf around you and pamper your inner diva. Shop this scarf online or at a Shingora store near you.

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