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Leopard Lollipop

Shingora is synonymous with luxury and each piece crafted here resonates that opulence that it is renowned for. The Safari Pop collection is another rich and extravagant collection that represents this ethos. Inspired by travel, the collection is a medley of memories, more than souvenirs, collected on trips to Africa and beyond. For the woman who loves to experience the world face to face, the collection ensconces a melange of global cultural icons in the form of motifs.


Leopard Lollipop is a bit of nomadic iconography with a whole lot of fun. Packed with afro Zulu references, it also incorporates lighter pop elements that are sprinkled amply in the form of patterns and colours. If your love for travelling outweighs all other things, chances are you will instantly warm up to the collection. This particular scarf will stand out for being a harbinger of travel memories; memories revolving around an African safari where wild animals like leopards are as normal as the air you breathe. An exercise in enriching the soul, it helps you bond with travel as your first love and this bond sets you free. It is this fluidity that finds expression in the playful pattern of Leopard Pop. The camouflage print of the leopard with pop micro prints lifts the pattern from extraordinary to a realm all its own.
The charm of the scarf lies in detail. Each and every hand drawn design further bears intricate patterns inspired by Zulu motifs. Each element stands out on its own, yet comes together as a cohesive, harmonious whole. With an eye on contemporary aesthetics, the collage of patterns is a delight to wear as a scarf.


The fabric of the scarf is pure cotton silk and this square scarf is a generous enough size to wrap around the neck or around the shoulders. The signature Shingora Ram logo is overlaid on the scarf to great effect. Another rich touch is the metal Shingora logo that adorns a corner. The contrasting rolled hem and the Afro geometric borders further lift the look of this stylish piece. Pure luxury, it is apt for the independent woman who likes to be in control yet isn’t afraid to let her hair down.


The exquisite scarf comes in two colour options. The safari colour palette is for those who prefer muted tones as the colours are warm and earthy with hints of green. The pop colour palette is for the more outgoing personality who chooses to dazzle and impress as it uses pinks, blues and cold undertones to create a vivid effect.

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