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Know Your Scarf’s Pattern – Most Popular Designs Decoded

stunning Shingora patterns

We all love our collection of scarfs and mentally file them into different categories based on design elements. While some of them are the striped ones, others are abstracts and so on.

Here is a guide that will walk you through the most popular patterns that you will find recur in varied compositions, colours and styles. Time to put a name to your favourite style!

 Shingora Checks pattern Checks – Wide and fine, single tone, coloured or tartan, chequered pieces are one of our favourites. They never get boring because of their ability to look different in every avatar. There is no way you can have too many of them. Nothing does casual chic quite like them.
 Shingora stripes pattern Stripes – Multi coloured, neutral, two tone or varying widths, stripes have a special place in a girl’s wardrobe. Be it the flavour of the season; the nautical stripe or the classic pin stripe, each one adds a unique dimension to your attire.
 Shingora Floral Pattern Floral – A summer staple, they are a must have for every girl. Fun and flirty, they never fail to make you look adorable. Just as the range of flowers around us is immense, so is the array that you find showcased on scarfs. Get a generous mix of all your favourite blooms to leave boring behind.
 Shingora Geometric Pattern Geometric – Effortlessly stylish, geometric patterns put together a mix of triangles, polygons, circles, ovals and more in truly mesmerising styles. It lends itself to both formal and casual looks making it imperative to have a few of these in your wardrobe. Shingora offers scarfs in varied patterns in cotton, wool, silk and blends that can be worn around the year.
 Shingora Paisleys Pattern Paisleys – There are two kinds of people in this world; those who love paisleys and those who adore it. There is no chance that a girl who likes to dress well will give something so elegant a miss. Pick one that is as stylish as you want. 
 Shingora abstracts pattern Abstract – The allure of the unpredictable and the undefined makes abstracts very attractive. From the well structured prints to the indistinguishable ones, there is an array that will never fail to mesmerise you. Perfect for a modern look, stock up on these reliable scarfs.
 Shingora Animal Pattern Animal – Get comfortable with your wild side and pick an animal print scarf. From leopard spots to tiger stripes and python prints, there is no dearth of styles to choose from. You may choose to go for natural colours or have some fun with a hint of neon or pastels.

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