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How Trendy are You? 3 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Shingora men scarves

A scarf is a great accessory that both men and women can carry to great effect. Men shy away from accessorising due to various reasons but a scarf is something that they can easily incorporate into their everyday and formal look alike. Be in tune with the trends and be smartly turned out with a good collection of scarfs from premium brands like Shingora. After you have a few stylish pieces in your wardrobe, you might want to learn a few tricks and knots that will make your scarfs worthwhile.

Try a few basic styles on and make the same scarfs look different. Here are a few knots and wraps that you can practice with your scarfs—

1. The French Knot– Double up a scarf along the length and wrap around your neck, slipping the open ends through the looped end. It looks very cool.

Beige Men Scarf

2. The Quick Loop– A stylish scarf becomes stunning just with a simple wrap around the neck, with one loose end in the front and the other at the back.

White and Blue Men Scarf

3. The Double Loop– Wrap the scarf in such a way that the looped edge rests against the front of the neck and both loose ends wrap around the back of the neck and hang loose on either side in the front.


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