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How to wear your Hijab in six different ways this Eid al-Fitr

Shingora hijabs 2017

Wear your identity with pride by choosing the very best hijabs online. Hijabs online in India come in a huge variety of colours, fabrics, designs and embroideries. Shingora has one of the most selected pieces to offer online and you will surely find something to match your taste. This Eid al-Fitr, dress up in a manner that brings out the best in you and wear the hijab in a way that most suits you. Of the many ways that it can be tied, Shingora brings to you six of the chicest.

Shingora Hijabs

1. Add volume to your hijab – Create a stylish look with your hijab by creating volume at the top of the head, in soft layers. Take a rectangular scarf, cover your head with a potion of the long edge and leave one side longer than the other. Tuck the edges adjacent to the top of the head under your chin and pin it securely. Take a corner of the shorter free end and drape it on top of your head in soft layers and leave it flowing on the side of the head. Take the other free side and from in front of your neck, loop it around to go up to the head to add further layers at the top and back. Pin the style gently in place.

2. Turban hijab – Be summer ready and gorgeous in a chic turban hijab. Off the neck, it is just perfect to show off a necklace. When you dress up this festival season, remember to make it memorable. Wrap the width edge around the head, pin and twist the free fabric. Wrap around your head and secure. Variations include a flowing free end to frame your face better.

3. Smart pleated and folded hijab – A simple yet impressive drape that looks like it took much more time than it actually does, this is a great choice for Eid-Ul-Fitr. Just like you add volume to a hijab using soft drapes, if you make the drapes well defined, they take the look of pleats and fold, giving it a neat look. A very formal way of tying the hijab, it serves you well at a special occasion.

4. Hijab with headpiece – Tie a luxurious hijab in a stylish manner. Keep the print minimalistic and go for subtle embellishment. Fix a headpiece to frame your face and secure with hijab pins.

5. Double layered hijab – Put two hijabs of similar dimensions together and start by tying it in any of the regular styles. Instead of draping it along the same side, add a twist after each drape on the head to change the colour and get a trendy look. You can even choose two scarfs with different patterns or one with a pattern and keep the other one plain.

6. Hijab to showcase earrings – Attach your earring to the right place on your underscarf hijab cap or wear them if you prefer. From the middle of the top of your forehead, drape the slightly inwardly folded hijab with both free ends hanging on either side. Tuck and pin each edge under the back of the earrings. Drape the rest of the length according to a style you prefer and look stylish with your earrings looking mesmerising.

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