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How to Wear a Scarf with a Suit – 6 Stylish Ways

how to tie a Shingora men scarf

Men pride their suits and take a lot of care selecting one. It is one of the outfits that they wear and get an instant boost in confidence. A well crafted suit is an asset and the right accessories can help you create many different looks with the same suit. Shingora offers men scarfs and mufflers for men in varied styles that can lend that extra edge to your looks.

Ways of tying Shingora scarf

Men’s scarfs can be styled in numerous simple ways to vary the effect. Here are a few that you can easily ace and renew your favourite suits and give them an all new twist-

Simple Loop for Shingora men stole

1. Simple Loop – A coat is uplifted just with a hint of colour and you don’t really need to do much to have an impact. Take a men’s scarf and with one edge in the front, loop the other side to the back. This works especially well with single colour mufflers for men that are meant just to add a colour which may be neutral or bright.

Tie Loop for Shingora Men Stole

2. Tie Loop – Of the two ends that hang in the front, tie a loose knot near the chest on one side and slip the other end through the loop of the knot. Tighten slightly and get ready for a dapper look. It is a great look for a chequered or striped scarf.

Bip Loop For Shingora Men Stole

3. Bib Loop – Take a square scarf and fold it diagonally. With the diagonal edge against your neck in the front, throw the ends back and loop them around to come to the front at opposite sides. Choose this style with an abstract pattern scarf for best results.

Double knot for Shingora Men Scarf

4. Double knot – Fold the muffler in half and keep the looped end in front on one side and the loose ends on the other. Bring the free ends through the loop and tighten slightly. It works well for a relaxed look and with finer patterns.

Double Loop For Shingora Men Scarf

5. Double Loop – One of the easiest, it is difficult to get this one wrong. Simply throw the men’s scarf with a shorter side on one side and loop the other end around your neck in one complete circle, bringing the loose end to the front, almost equal in length to the other side. This works with most patterns and fabrics.

Infinity Loop For Shingora Men Scarf

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