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How to Wear a Scarf around you Neck?

Wearing a scarf is a fun activity that needs not practice but a bit of imagination. You visualise the look you want to create and drape accordingly. A carelessly thrown scarf reflects effortless cool and a neatly pleated and knotted scarf makes your look more refined. Though there are no rules as to how you can tie scarfs to look chic, there are endless options you can try out. The unstructured piece of fabric is raised to greatest glory in the world of fashion through an imaginative use of colours and prints, available in a range of sizes from thin and long to wide and square. It is putty in your hands; you can literally create a look for yourself by using different folds and knots. Shingora shows you how you can use this humble accessory to turn even the most mundane outfits into fashionable attire.

how to wear a scarf

Take a big square scarf and fold it along the diagonal. Along the longest edge, from the middle make a loop on one side of the neck and bring the edges of the scarf in from the other side of the neck through the loop and draw out, wrapping around the neck.

Fold a square scarf in half diagonally. With the longest edge in front of the neck, criss cross the other two edges to opposite sides of the neck from behind and let loose in the front.

Take a long scarf and fold lengthwise. Tie a knot around the side of the neck and leave one end loose on the front and one at the back on the same side of the neck.

Fold a square scarf diagonally in half. Wrap around the neck twice and knot in front, making sure both free ends are of similar length. Manipulate to cover the knot made after the second loop with the first loop around the neck.
Take a long scarf and fold in half widthwise. Place the loop at the fold in front of the neck and from behind, bring the two free ends through the loop and let loose in front.

Take a long scarf and fold lengthwise. Place the centre across the front of the neck. Criss cross the ends at the back and bring ends to the opposite side and to the front. Let loose.

These ideas are just suggestive and you can have infinite variations as to how you can tie a scarf around your neck. From knots to double knots and drapes and combinations of the two, you can suit your mood and discover wonderful new style everyday for a fresh new look. The same knot and drape can look very different in different fabrics and prints. Try out different iterations and you will be surprised at how much style you can achieve effortlessly with simple scarf tying tricks. It is rightly said to be the accessory that beats all accessories when it comes to pulling together different pieces in an outfit or simply adding sass to simple attire.

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