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How to select the Best Men’s Designer Ties?

Silk Ties from Shingora

One of the most striking accessories for men, a good tie has the power to give your dress suit a stylish makeover. Ties for men come in so many different styles, colours, fabrics and patterns that you could get overwhelmed by the sheer choice. Making the right choice is a matter of importance as it can make your outfit look powerful or drab. Silk ties for men are an investment as the right tie will outlive your suits and lend elegance to all that you wear. These are times of moderation and the ultra slim or crazy wide ties no longer appeal. So, how do you select the right tie? Here are a few tips from Shingora that will make buying a tie simple –

Silk Ties from Shingora

Width – It is best to stick to medium width in ties for men, that is around 3 inches. Another rule you can follow is that the widest part of your coat’s lapel should be similar to the widest part of your tie. By keeping this in mind, you can stay away from looking like a dude from the past. Apart from the average width, your built is another consideration. Keep things proportionate by choosing a slightly wider tie for a heavyset frame, without making it look like an extra wide tie. Similarly, for a narrow frame, a slightly less wide tie works better, without the tie looking skinny.

Length – Regular ties fall under 58″ long while the longer sizes for taller people are up to 64″. The ground rule here is longer ties work well for taller men and vice versa. The tip of the tie when knotted up should just graze past the trouser top.

Quality – Men’s silk ties are the best choice hands down. Select a smooth, silky finish that looks good and enhances your suits. Another thing you can check if you are buying in person is whether the tie is cut on a bias. It means the tie will fall really well and can be checked by just judging the fall of the tie when placed across the back of your hand. If it falls gracefully, it is just fine, but if it turns or falls to one side, steer clear. With a premium brand you can be assured that quality will be fine and can side step these checks. Shop at Shingora online and find a wide range of luxurious silk ties for men.

Lining – Another sure fire way of telling a good tie from a cheap one is the lining. A fine cloth used to line the tie, usually wool, is a sign that the tie is indeed good quality. The best silk ties will not fall as well if inferior quality fabric is used to line it.

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