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How to Fold a Pocket Square? Find out with the experts at Shingora!

shingora men pocket squares 2016

Pocket squares for men are a passion for those who value them and understand the way they can help an outfit, enhancing your personality. But wearing them right is an acquired art and takes a bit of flair. It is but a small piece of cloth, the way it peeks out from the breast pocket of your coat can make or break a look. Help is on hand with Shingora offering an interesting array of pocket squares online and also tells you a few ways you can fold it to get the perfect style.

shingora pocket squares for men

The One Point

Place the pocket square on a flat surface and fold it in half. Fold it in half again lengthwise. Once again fold it in half along the diagonal. Place the widest edge at the bottom and the tip at the top. Bring both the side tips inwards to make the base width comparable to the pocket. Invert and insert. A classic style of pocket squares for men, this never goes out of style.

The Two point

Fold the pocket square horizontally in half and then vertically in half. Then position it like a rhombus. Bring the lower tip to a bit off-centre to the left or to the right of the top tip. Fold the outer edges along the bottom inward to get pocket width. Invert and insert.

The Three Point

Another classic, this is one of the syles you must try when you order your next pocket squares online. Start with the pocket square on a flat surface. Fold it in half diagonally. Place the widest edge at the bottom with the tip at the top. From the centre of the base, fold the outer edges towards the tip but some distance away from it. Invert the pocket square. At the middle of both the edges, fold both sides in half from the bottom tip. If required, fold a part of the bottom tip towards the top. Invert it again and insert in the pocket.

The Straight

As simple as folding into smaller squares continuously till you get pocket width and placing the folded edges on top when inserting.

The Poof

Pull the centre of the pocket square from between a circle formed with your thumb and fingers. Fold the bottom and get a straight edge ready to be inserted into the pocket.

The Winged Poof

Fold the pocket square in half and then again along its length. Fold diagonally into half and keep the wide edge on top. Bring in the upper corners in to touch the lower tip forming a diamond. Fold the outer edges of the diamond to meet in the centre. Bring in the lower tip to meet in the centre and insert without inverting.

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