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How to Drape Your Shawls and Stoles Flawlessly

Drape your shawls and stoles flawlessly

Styling has always been a crucial part of day-to-day fashion. A simple twist to an otherwise plain outfit can make the final look appealing. When it comes to shawls and stoles, draping techniques play an important part in fashioning the whole attire. In this blog, we will be discussing the various draping techniques you can try to style your outfits better and add an edge to them. Let’s get started!

Your Guide to Styling Simple Outfits Using Different Draping Techniques

1. Over-The-Shoulder Technique

If you are thinking about how to wear a shawl elegantly without spending much time styling it, then this drape is for you. Simply take the shawl and wrap it around your shoulders like a blanket and voila, it’s done.

Although this method looks easy, it can add grace as well as an edge to your attire, changing its overall look and feel from subtle to stunning, instantly.

Check out this beautiful Chambray Stripe Pure Woolen Stole. Decorated with the beautiful and elegant chambray stripes, this stole can be draped in multiple ways, but since we want to showcase and flaunt the design, the shoulder method suits this shawl the best. Just wrap it around your shoulders and arms and you are good to go. This shawl can be styled with a formal dress, a traditional attire as well as a semi-formal outfit.

2. Shawl as a Cardigan

The modern stylisation of shawls and stoles can set the outfit apart. If you are wondering how to wear a shawl with a formal dress or a gown, rather than going for the conventional ways, drape it like a cardigan. 

Steps to Drape a Shawl Like a Cardigan:

  • Drape your shawl around your shoulders in a manner that both the ends hang open in the front.
  • Clinch the shawl around your waist with a belt.
  • Then, pull one edge of the shawl over your arms to create the sleeves.

Follow these simple steps and you will get a perfect cardigan using a shawl. This draping style looks the best with bodycon dresses and turtlenecks. 

Here’s an illustration to help you understand it better. We’ve styled this elegant Ditzy Self Floral Woven Design Woollen Shawl with a dress and you can see, how the shawl adds a contemporary look to the outfit and the belt, an edge. This shawl is one of the most loved clothing from the collection as it not only goes with traditional outfits but with modern attire as well.

3. Asymmetrical Wrap

Now, let us move towards a more conventional way of draping shawls and stoles. Wrap a shawl or stole around your shoulders such that it remains wide open over one shoulder, showcasing the design, and clinched on the other. This drape will give a feminine look to your outfits and add an element of power, too, if styled properly.

To understand this better, refer to this gorgeous Cosmin Paisley Wool-Silk Stole. The beauty about stoles is that they can be draped all year long and paisley design never goes out of fashion. This piece is elegantly draped in an asymmetrical wrap over an all-black jeans-and-sweater ensemble. As you can see, it is not only adding a royal look but also a formal edge to the outfit.

4. Shawl With an Uneven Tail

If you want to add grandeur and drama to your outfits, this draping method can help you achieve that. The uneven tail is an easy-to-drape style; you just need to fold your stole in half, along its length, wrap one end around your neck, and let the opposite end hang down. Be sure to tuck in any loose ends so the long tail gives you a majestic look and takes the spotlight. This style never goes wrong if the hues of the outfit and drape are selected well.

Our Geo-Paisley Off-White Woolen Stole is a piece of fabric that fits this draping technique perfectly. The paisley design is highlighted on the uneven tail and the neutral hues make it easier to choose the outfit as it can go with multiple options.

5. The Simple Loop

As the name suggests, this is one of the simplest ways to don a scarf, and by far, the classiest as well. It involves very little effort and enhances your look exponentially. So, how is it done? 

Well, the process is simple. Fold the stole in half along the width so you have a loop at one end. Place the scarf around your neck and pull both the loose ends through the loop. That’s about it. You have a stylish stole tied around your neck which binds the beauty of your attire elegantly.

Our Kullu Numadha Stole, which is decorated with a tribal pattern, looks the best when donned using the simple Loop Draping technique. The tribal pattern on the stole makes it one of the most intrinsic pieces of design, and when styled properly, adds a rustic appeal to the attire.

6. Even Rectangles

Placement is a dominant factor in fashion. If done right, it can do wonders. It not only enhances and highlights the patterns on the outfit but also brings the entire look together. The Even Rectangle drape is one way to do just that. It is a simple and elegant method of styling your shawls and stoles. Just fold your shawl or stole in half, along the length, and let each side fall straight down the front of your body in two even rectangles.

This technique works the best with shawls and stoles heavy on pattern, such as bold prints, colour blocks, etc. If you want to make a statement with your stoles and shawls, the Even Rectangle technique of draping is sure to help you. 

Take a look at our Saffy Maroon Woolen Stole; it is an ideal accessory for this technique and can help you style an otherwise simple outfit.

With these effortless yet effective draping methods, you can make a boring outfit fun and elevate your look for any occasion.

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