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How to Buy Leather Belts for Men?

men leather belts by shingora

Men have fewer accessories as compared to women and generally, tend to fuss much lesser as well. Most of their accessories are utilitarian but there is no reason why they cannot be stylish at the same time. They are mostly chucked into the shopping cart while checking out shirts and trousers. But Italian leather belts for men have a vast potential to be considered as fashion items. With such a variety on offer, how should one decide which belts for men to go with, after you have decided whether you need a dress belt or a casual belt. Shingora outlines the dos and don’ts of belt shopping for men –

men leather belts by Shingora

Dress Belt – Typically not more than 11/2 inches wide, formal men’s belts should be crafted from the finest leather and match the shoes you intend to wear it with. Choose minimal detailing and a nice finish with a simple buckle made of a metal material. There is a good variety of men’s belts online and you can make best use of this wonderful resource sitting just about anywhere.

Casual Belt – When it comes to casual men’s belts, you can play around a bit with everything from material, finish, colour, buckle and size. Still, leather is a great material to go with as it wears well and looks amazing on. You can choose one of the many embossed, glossy, matte, etched and more finishes available as long as it is not over the top. As you are going to be wearing them with jeans, shorts, khakis and the like, you can choose a wider belt between 11/2 inches and 13/4 inches. As long as you are confident enough to carry it off with élan, no colour is taboo. Casual doesn’t have to be cheap and since you are going to be wearing it everyday, put more thought into buying it. Polished, raw look, gold, silver, pewter and any other colour, buckles of belts for men can be totally versatile as well.

Since a men’s belt is a prominent accessory, buy a good quality belt that will last you a long time. Shorter and stouter men should avoid choosing belts that contrast with their attire as it cuts height in half and adds kilos to the frame. Once you understand the basics, log online for best men’s belts online and shop for finest Italian leather belts for men.

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