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Home Decor – How to Make the Most of Designer Cushions

A home is just a house without the little personal touches that make it your haven. We may get to design our own homes or in the age of mass production, we may get a ready apartment or house that we move into. So, how do you define your personal space in a way that lets it stand apart from the rest. It is in the accents and furnishings that you can express yourself, the easiest being the soft furnishings that you can change to suit your mood, weather and current style. Designer cushion covers are the go to element when you want to play around with the ambience. With the ample variety of cushion covers online, it is very easy to make the changes required without much ado.

cushion covers by Shingora Home

Shingora is a leading brand that manufactures home accessories including designer cushion covers to dress up your home as discerningly as you. Get your hands on the finest collection and do up your home in style. Here are a few tips to using designer cushions in your home to make the most of them –

When it comes to style and especially designer accessories, less is more. Choose the cushions that best suit your interiors and strategically place them to enhance the decor. If your sofas are stunning, keep the cushions muted and if your sofas are past their prime, get cushions that will enliven them.

Stay within a colour palette. And definitely don’t match your sofas and cushions. A contrast is good if other elements in the decor are in harmony. If you already have contrasting elements in your interiors, choose a similar palette as your furnishings. If you have black sofas, you might want to keep a few grey cushions with a red one for a pop of colour. Or if you have a red sofa, you might want beige cushions, though a turquoise is perfectly acceptable if the rest of the decor is neutral.

The number of cushions is also of concern and you wouldn’t want the sofa to be overrun with them. But then again, as with all things design, rules are meant to be broken. If you can bring order in a chaotic look, so be it and you can go all out with the cushions.

Another evergreen combination is that of cushions and throws. Mix and match and create a warm space that is very inviting by using these. Shop for throws and cushion covers online and give your home a feel that is an extension of your personality and reflects your family’s style.

The final thing that you must remember with all cushions is that they are supposed to not just dress up a room but also make it feel lived in. So add those pieces that will create a welcoming vibe and you are sorted!

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