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Home Decor for Christmas in a Jiffy

With Christmas around the corner, everyone is in a festive mood. To celebrate we buy gifts, visit friends and have family get together. To make your home look welcoming and festival ready there is a lot you can do but with time running out, here are a few things that could help you in a hurry –

Home Decor for Christmas in a Jiffy

  1. Festive Cushion covers – There is much that can be said about the power of cushions to transform the decor. The same room can go from staid to glam with just a change of cushions. To feel the bells pealing, choose the most festive cushion covers from our Shingora Home collection. Go for colours and interesting patterns to enliven the look of a room.
  2. Fairy Lights – The twinkle of a hundred tiny bulbs is enough to brighten up any room and nothing does it better than fairy lights used with a bit of imagination. Think beyond the usual stringing routine and put them inside jars, around plants, cover with paper lanterns and any number of innovative ideas.
  3. Fresh Flowers – Flowers talk a universal language of celebration and there is no reason to leave them out of the equation. Even the simplest blooms can add an amazing dimension to your decor. Put together a bunch of roses or coronations and tie them with a piece of string or ribbon and let it stand by itself or immerse in a bit of water in a vase.
  4. From Kid’s Palette – Why don’t you choose this occasion to frame the artistic compilations of your children. Not only will this make them feel special but will also add a personal touch to the decor, giving you something to talk about.
  5. For Warmth & Jazz – Last but not the least, a cosy room is the most inviting accessory in any room. Shingora has a wide range of throw blankets that will set the pace of festivities. Choose a fur edged piece or one that brings out the best in your home by complementing the colours. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with colour and design as this is one season when there is no such thing as overindulgence.

Happy decorating!

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