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Fix your figure woes with a Scarf

shingora stoles 2015

A Scarf really can save the day! Whatever issues you may have with your figure; a paunch, bulky arms, a heavy bottom or a less than curvy body, a scarf sure comes handy.

shingora stoles 2015

The first thing to have on hand is a versatile collection of scarfs in varied colours, patterns and sizes. Visit to our online niche store and choose from amongst the mesmerising collection. The wider the variety that you have, the more easily you can incorporate it into any look. The basic collection should have a few each of small square, narrow stole, wide shawl style stole and large square scarf. And don’t be afraid to fold it into different dimensions and wear with any outfit.

If you have bulky arms, wearing a sleeveless outfit may make you feel conscious. There is a simple way you can wear what you like and get away with it; drape a scarf around it. Don’t tie it in a severe knot but drape it delicately. Pick a smaller scarf if you do not want to add bulk.

For those who have a perfect figure marred by a slight paunch showing in a tight dress, a scarf knotted casually in the front with the ends hanging loose will be just perfect. Choose a longer scarf for this as you would want it to hang below your waistline.

When your problem lies in a bulky bottom, you should choose a wide, full sized stole to cover the problem area. Wrap around your shoulders and let it fall free to gently dance around your bottom, giving you just enough coverage.

Those who have a heavier upper body, a small square scarf knotted stylishly or draped loosely looks great, if you feel the need to cover up a bit. Just make sure the scarf is made of a fine fabric like chiffon or silk as otherwise you will end up adding even more bulk.

Sometimes you may want to add curves and a scarf may help you add them stylishly. Tied around the waist as a belt, it gives you a curvier bottom and defines a slim waist. In general, a bulkier scarf accentuates curves while a finer scarf tones them down.

While there is nothing better than being comfortable in your own skin and celebrating every curve, sometime you just feel more confident with a little something to hide what you are very conscious about.

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