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Five Ways to Turn Your Scarf into Another Accessory

And you thought that a scarf is just a scarf! A good collection of scarves works overtime to add pizazz to your look. Invest in fine quality scarves from a premium brand like Shingora. Stock up on big, small, square and rectangular styles to use them as they are and to turn them into attractive accessories. Here is a lowdown on how to put your collection to best use –

Loop it up as a belt – If you have not already tried it, it is time you do. A crisp white shirt paired with a pair of trousers or denims turns chic with a colourful scarf. Loop through as a belt and turn it into a fun accessory.


Tie it up as a hairband – Feel like a star and copy this look. Simple yet elegant, this look calls for a scarf tied in your hair as a hairband or even around the ponytail. A young look, it takes away years from your face. It looks great casually with messy hair and wonderful with a formal bun too.


Turn it into wrist adornment– Keep it understated and add colour to a sombre ensemble by wrapping a small scarf around your wrist. Twist around a bangle or tie on its own for an inimitable style that is sure to make you the centre of attraction.


Give your bag a facelift– Tired of carrying around the same old bags everywhere? Give them a touch of magic with a scarf to glam them up. Do it like one of your favourite stars and tie up a smart stole to the handle of your favourite bag and see heads turn.


Use it as a shrug– Make it a part of your outfit by turning a big scarf into a shrug. Just fold it into a triangle and cover your shoulders with it, knotting up on the side or in the front.

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