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Five things to Stow Away in Your Beach Bag

As the holiday season approaches, everyone is busy making plans for themselves. Beaches are one of the most sought after vacation spots. Make your beach vacation perfect by keeping a few essentials in your beach bag. Here are a few things you should not leave home without –

Sunscreen– While we do enjoy the sun kissing our body, too much of it can be bad for you. Not just the sunburns, but there are health issues to be worried about in the sun. It can be easily taken care of by applying a sunscreen 15-20 minutes before hitting the beach. Depending on the SPF of the sunscreen you carry, you should keep reapplying it after a few hours. If your sunscreen is not waterproof, you may have to reapply after you go for a swim or frolic in the water. Most sunscreen brands will solve your purpose, just look for a good SPF from brands such as Banana Boat, Nivea, etc.


Sunhat– Bring out your glamorous best with a huge sun hat that protects you from the sun while making you look like a diva. Choose from bright or light colours, according to your taste. If you are going to be packing it away in a suitcase, make sure to buy one that springs back to its original shape, such as a Panama Hat.


Big Hollywood-esque Shades– Nothing says Hollywood better than big, bold sunnies. Take the most stylish and vibrant sunglasses that you dare to wear and make an impact on the beach. If it is going to be very sunny, try to go for deeper tones for the lenses, otherwise choose from an array of brilliantly coloured ones. Make sure they come with a UV filter as you don’t want to let the sun affect your eyes. Pick them from premium brands like Dior or Prada or get your high street style from Forever 21.


Multi-purpose Scarf– Turn it into a sarong, a kaftan, a dress or another interesting wrap; a multifunctional scarf is a must have. It takes up little space and weighs next to nothing, giving you no reason to leave it out. Choose from light weight chiffons, linens and cottons for a scintillating effect. Pick bright floral prints, abstracts or anything that catches your fancy. You cannot really go wrong with a stylish scarf from a leading brand such as Shingora.

multipurpose scarf

Waterproof Pouch– You are definitely going to need to stow away your mobile, credit cards, jewellery and other articles to protect it from the sea water. Even if you don’t carry anything fancy, a ziplock bag is a must.

waterproof pouch

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