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First Day of College – Playing with a Scarf

Shingora stoles for teenagers

College cutoffs have reached a point where they sound increasingly unreasonable and frankly unachievable. While it means a preferred college admission for a few, most of us have to settle for a place a bit further down their list. Put it down to hard-work or luck, the truth is that whatever college you choose to attend, the first day is going to be special indeed. And each and everyone of us wants to dress to impress, after all the first impression may not be the last but it does last. In a sea of me-toos, it is difficult to stand out and you need to think offbeat.

Most of the students go out and shop at the most expensive stores and brands that make it feel like a party. The trick is staying away from the mass produce and choose to create a look that is your style statement. The easiest way to do this is to shop for separates instead of complete outfits and accessorise. Make shopping for add ons as important as the outfit. This will ensure that you will always stand out. Stock up on shoes, bags, jewellery and scarfs, especially quirky ones as you want to set the tone for the best years of your life.

Shingora stoles for teen girls

Whether you decide to go with pants, palazzos, tights, jeans, kurti, dress or skirt, remember to add your special touch. Wear your skirt with a punjabi jutti, pair your jeans with neon clogs, team a kurti with a funky scarf or wear your hair in a high bun with palazzos. Whatever you do, make sure it is YOU.

Paeans have been said about women and their love for shoes, bags and jewellery and you should consider it when putting together any important outfit. When shopping, keep in mind that it is an outfit for college, so make it fun. Don’t choose very formal or very casual clothes, strike a balance and let a positive attitude be the only thing that is over the top.

Having a scarf collection that covers the bases of colour, fabric, style and dimensions will give you an edge while dressing up not just for college but for other occasions as well. You cannot go wrong with a scarf teamed with Indian, western or fusion wear, in fact it can be a trendy element that helps you hold it all together.

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