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Fabrics – They make or break your outfit!

Fabric is everything when it comes to dressing, the way it falls and drapes around your body makes all the difference. No matter how beautifully designed a dress is or how well-crafted it may be, a dress made from a pilling or low-quality fabric is never a good addition to a wardrobe. It is the blatant truth that the most important component of a dress is its fabric. Anyone looking for a distinct style of dress needs to carefully select the fabric because their choice of fabric will decide that whether their dress turns out simply amazing and fabulous or that looks pretty but won’t last more than half a season. With so many types and varieties of fabrics available, one need to choose the fabric depending on the type of dress that has to be made and then ensure that the fabric quality is best and premium.

Red Fabric for Women SuitsRed Fabric for Women Kurtis

The most vital factor that makes a fabric good or bad is its quality and there are certain properties that distinguish between a high-quality and low-quality fabric. Besides quality, another factor to look upon is the suitability of the fabric, as not all fabrics are suitable to craft all types of dresses nor can these fabrics be worn in all seasons. Thus, depending upon the type of dress that has to be made as well as considering weather and occasions on which the dress has to be worn, one should select the best available option. Like cotton is a fabric best suited for simple and sober casual dresses. They can be comfortably worn as everyday fashion whereas silk and satin fabrics are ideal for creating dresses for special occasions and parties. Silk and mix-cotton or other heavy fabrics are strict no for hot and humid weather, as wearing dresses made out of these fabrics won’t be a comfortable choice.

Blue Fabric for WomenBlue Fabric for Women Kurtis

However, among all the varieties of fabrics available, cotton is a very popular fabric for several good reasons like softness, versatility, comfort, durability and comparatively affordable. The quality of the cotton fabric is determined with its staple length, i.e. the length of the individual fibers it consists of. Cotton fabric made from long cotton fibers is considered to be of a higher quality compared to fabrics made from shorter fibers. This is because longer fibers can be spun into a finer yarn that is tightly bound making the resulting fabric durable and stronger. Besides cotton made from long, finely spun fibers are tightly woven to eliminate air pockets in between the individual threads that create thermal insulation and hence have high breathability.

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