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Embellished Shawls – The Latest Trend for Parties

Embellished Shingora Shawls

Every year the same seasons come and go, what makes them different and stand out is the memories attached to them. Leaf through an old picture book or scroll through your old memories in their digital format, and what stands out over the years, beyond the emotional value, is the fashion that was prevalent at a particular time. Fall and winter call for clothes that keep you warm while confirming to the latest fashion. Women’s shawls and stoles are what let women personalise a look. These are great to bring your look up to date with just a wrap. This season, embellished shawls are the latest trend.

Embellished Shingora Shawls

Whether you are attired in your cool casuals or your elegant formals, an embellished women’s shawl comes in handy to be on top of fashion trends. No longer will your wedding shawls be resigned to the back of your wardrobe, to be taken out only for family weddings. Choose your embellished shawls from a leading brand like Shingora to get the trendiest pieces available globally to enhance your look.

For formal wear to parties and weddings, an embroidered shawl is the perfect choice. Select from a range of thread embroideries, sequins, beads and other embellishments to go with your outfit. Shingora offers varied colours like lavender, pink, red, black, maroon and many more in different designs to match your mood. Pick the one that best adapts to your personal style and gels with the attire that you are wearing. From party wear lightly embroidered shawls in pastels to jewel toned wedding shawls that are heavily adorned, you are spoilt for choice when you shop at Shingora. More is the new less and sequins are a big thing right now. Don’t be afraid to carry them with your rich and opulent outfits, not only will they make you look in tune with the times but will also add a touch of glamour to all that you wear.

To ace the embellished shawl look with casuals, there is only one thing to remember. Just choose a casual drape and you will not go wrong. If you are wearing an outfit that has embroidery or embellishments on it, choose a shawl with subtler detailing. When you are pairing an embroidered shawl with your jeans, it is one of those waves in fashion when you are not just forgiven for accessorising them with embellished shawls but are appreciated for having your styling right on point.

From a birthday party to an impromptu get together with friends, embellished shawls are ruling the scene. Don’t get left out and get your style quotient right with these dazzling accessories around your shoulders. Be it your sarees and Anarkalis or lehengas and gowns, a stunning shawl is all you are away from a fairytale showstopper moment. Knot them up or wrap them around, do your own thing with them and you will be the attention magnet where ever you go.

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