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Just as we take utmost care to dress up to the hilt for a special occasion, our homes are our sanctuary and need extra special treatment. When we don’t settle for the usual stuff for our wardrobes, we don’t have to settle for the second best for our home either. Shingora has come up with an alluring collection of Home Décor that will be the pride of any house. Just as refreshing and fine quality as its wraps and shawls, the cushion covers and throws that comprise this collection are of the very best quality and contemporary in styling.

Shingora home banner

Whether you want to brighten up a corner, dress up an area or tone down the color scheme, there are many options that you can choose from. Make your neutral sofas strikingly beautiful by adding a brilliantly colored cushion cover or two. For a room with a vivid accent wall or a piece of furniture that is the focal point, choose a cushion cover that is subtle and doesn’t vie for attention. What a place like this needs is a piece that pulls the look together and adds comfort without overwhelming.

Shingora cushion covers

Another interesting way to do up a room is to mix and match different kinds of cushions. To create this seemingly disjointed look, a bit of harmony is important, be it in terms of a color or in the form of a pattern that ties the pieces together. This is an intriguing style that looks great in the living room and less formal spaces. Place them in groups or spread them out, vary the look of the room by changing the placement. Changing the cushion covers in a room is the easiest and cheapest way to change the look and feel of the place.

Shingora Throws

Bring in a bit of romance to any space by draping a throw on the arm of a sofa or casually on a settee. It adds fluidity to on otherwise formal and structured decor, making it more welcoming. Choose to add one that contrasts or matches with the interiors for different attractive looks. A practical accessory, it makes for a great add-on to keep cozy with on a cold day.

To lend a room a more relaxed and laid-back feel choose to go with colors that are easy on the eyes and patterns that are not very busy. For the kids room or the living area, a wild print is the way to go as it adds life to any interior. For bedrooms and intimate spaces like a private sitting area, opt for colors that you fancy and elegant designs.

Choose to go for the best quality pieces as they not just last you longer but are color-fast and don’t lose their shape. Shingora offers true international styling at your doorstep. Available in a plethora of colors, it is a range that will enamour you and add style to your interiors like nothing else. Give your home the dreamy touch of Shingora’s Home Collection and watch the spaces transform.

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