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Decode Your Scarf Personality

Decode Your fashion Personality by Shingora

Your personality reflects in your choice of clothes and hence, the clothes that you wear say a lot about the kind of person you are. Scarfs have a big bearing on the ultimate look that you carry. Read on to find out what your scarfs say about you. If this is the personality you are trying to project, all good; otherwise, rethink your strategy.

Decode Your Scarf Personality personality by shingora

Vintage Girl – You got her a fashionable piece of jewellery for her birthday and cannot for the life of you figure out why she is so excited about a hand-me-down from a friend’s mom; well that’s her. It is not the freshness but the story and history of a thing that catches her fancy. Even in a new garment, she looks for reflections of the past, be it in the form of patterns or colours. If it looks like something from the 90s or has even a remote last century vibe to it, you will see her beam.

Corporate Girl – She is prim and proper in her attire but her heart knows how to have fun. The dark colour suits and tailored fits give no hint of what she is like beyond the confines of the office but look at her scarf and you get a glimpse of the person she is. While still adhering to formal norms, it portrays a playfulness not seen in her demeanour. Think silks and wools in fine knits with interesting patterns and you will get the drift.

Glam Chic – Opulence is her thing and she cuts no corners when making an impression. Pure and finest silks and wool are the fabrics of choice and intricate patterns and sophisticated colour palette get her going. Everything thing about her; even the air she breathes, seem to carry a tag of exclusivity and class.

Gypsy Girl – The girl with a thing for flowers, she is simply insuppressible. She puts together a melange of prints in colours that no one else would dare to pair, and get away with it with flying colours. Her scarf is more a garment than an accessory; don’t be surprised if you find her wearing more than one; she does it often and does it with effortless style. Cottons are her favourite and she wears them well.

Arty Girl – She can spend hours looking at a painting, pondering at different aspects and she does it wearing clothes that let her be absolutely comfortable. Like everything else, her clothes also need to hold meaning and talk to her. It would suffice to say her choice is not mainstream and she prefers the offbeat, even quirky, side of style. Think cotton and wools in earthy colours and traditional prints.

Fashionista – Everything she wears follows a set of trend rules and her scarfs are an extension of the same. No colours from last season, no outdated sentimental pieces and definitely no repetitions. Her choices are eclectic and she is the trend setter. With such a reputation at stake each piece is well thought of before being bought and this reflects in the sheer variety that she wears. A range of fabrics and colours make up her wardrobe and she dons everything with inimitable sassiness.

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