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Customise Your Scarf

Customisation is a trend that appeals because of the personalised feel it affords. Shingora believes in making the experience of dressing up with scarves and shawls the very best for its customers. The best fabrics with the most exclusive prints and weaves, each Shingora scarf is a delight in itself. To take the story ahead and in keeping with this philosophy, it offers customisation of scarves that lets you design your own scarf. It is something that makes a piece of clothing or accessory so much more loveable.

Customise your scarf

Choose from the wide range of scarves that Shingora offers. In terms of fabric, it can be silk, cotton, wool or a blend, among other options. The variety of colours and designs lets you decide if you need a graceful piece that is evergreen or one that will make you the fashion queen wherever you drape it. Once you have decided on a particular scarf, you need to make up your mind as to how you choose to personalise it. Customise your scarf in a way that will make you love it even more; such as by having your initials embroidered in thread. Another option is to adorn the initials with crystal for a dressier scarf that will gel with your party wear outfits too.
A customised scarf is not just a great accessory for yourself but also makes for a cool present. Choose a set of ‘his and her’ scarves and have them initialed for a wonderful and thoughtful anniversary or wedding day gift. They make for great occasion presents as well; such as for Diwali, birthdays, etc. All you have to do is select something that matches the receiver’s personality and have it monogrammed or adorned with crystals. When you design your own scarf, it is an even nicer present for it shows the effort you made to give it that personal touch.
Even for corporate gifting, and for gifting to staff, a customised scarf is a smart way to remind the other person of your brand, while still offering something that is very utilitarian. Design your own scarf to represent your brand with your logo subtly adorning a corner. It makes for a chic gift for your employees which they will drape with pride.
For a first birthday party or as wedding favours, these scarves can be monogrammed according to the occasion and are loved by all. Every time someone wears it, they will surely be reminded of your gesture. Make that gesture count by turning it special with thread or crystal accents that are bespoke.
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