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Co-ord It Right! Co-ords for Every Occasion - Shingora Blog


Co-ord It Right! Co-ords for Every Occasion

Suit CO Ords

Styling outfits is an interesting activity in itself. The entire process of picking and choosing garments and putting them together to create a particular look is something most fashion-conscious people enjoy. Co-ords, or co-ordinated sets, also serve as a great fashion tool to look super chic with minimal effort.

At Shingora, we always try to equip you with ample options to create different looks, sometimes with the same set of garments. We thus have an assortment of beautiful co-ord sets and classy accessories that can be mixed and matched to suit your requirement. Read on to know more about it.

Types of Co-Ords

It might not seem so, but co-ords are so versatile and can be a savior when you are short of ideas for dressing up or down.

1. Work-Wear Co-Ords

Work-wear co-ord sets are a chic and comfortable option for working professionals. They are not only co-ordinated for color but also for style, and come with combinations of 2-piece or 3-piece co-ord sets, so you get a perfect outfit every single time.

2. Co-Ord Suit Set Fabrics

Co-ord suit set fabrics, or dress material as they are commonly called, are great for those who prefer their suits custom-made. The best thing about these co-ord sets is that you can experiment with different fabrics and designs as each has a different texture and a different fall.

3. Casual Wear Co-Ords

Co-ords for casual wear have an overall relaxed look. They come in so many combinations, such as pants & shirts, tops & skirts, denim co-ords, etc., providing an interesting choice for every possible occasion.

4. Party Wear Co-Ords

These are a sure shot way to brighten up any party. From classic to flamboyant, there are so many looks you can go for even in this category.

If you haven’t yet seen our suit co-ord sets, allow us to give you a brief on the types we have. These fabrics are created so you can get them custom made from a designer of your choice.

Shingora Co-Ord Sets

1. Cotton Suit Co-Ords

Cotton is such a versatile fabric and can be paired with many other fabrics. We, therefore, have a variety of dupatta combinations with pure cotton suit co-ord sets, such as pure silk dupattas, dobby woven Zari dupattas, and jacquard woven silk dupattas, which are apt for every season.

2. Jacquard Suit Co-Ords

Also called Cotton Silk Suit Sets, our Jacquard range of co-ords are woven to perfection. They are great for dressing up for special occasions. 

3. Cotton Silk Tencel Suit Co-Ords

This range of our suit co-ord sets is eco-friendly as it is made from natural fibres. Consider it as a tiny step to minimize the impact on the planet. However, what you get from these suit co-ord sets is total comfort because they are made with soft and high-quality fibers.  

4. Cotton Silk Lurex Suit Co-Ords

If you are looking for sustainable fabrics, our cotton silk lurex suit co-ord sets are for you. They are lightweight and posses the classic metallic tinge that lurex is so popular for, making them perfect for summer weddings and parties.

5. Pure Silk Suit Co-Ords

Made using natural silk and certified for Silk Mark, these suit co-ords are perfect for spring-summer. You’ll find a combination of cotton, lurex and pure silk in these co-ords that our designers have beautifully created to ensure comfort and style.

6. Zari Co-Ords

Our Zari co-ords have been meticulously crafted in timeless designs using fine fibres that make them suitable for the modern Indian woman. 

When to Wear Co-Ords?

The “Types of Co-Ords” stated above must provide a fitting answer to this question that you may have. Co-ords are available for every possible occasion be it parties, weddings, casual outings, vacations, dates, or festivals. Which one you choose is what makes the difference.

How to Choose the Right Co-Ord Set?

When choosing co-ords, pick one that suits the weather so you can fully enjoy the event. If the weather is cool and pleasant, you can go for jacquard co-ord sets and silk co-ord sets. These work beautifully for outdoor as well as indoor events. If it is warm, you can choose cotton and cotton blend co-ord sets. Basically, consider your comfort when choosing the co-ords and of course, style them using some of the tips we have shared below.

How to Style Co-Ords?

Get creative with your co-ord sets and try these styling tips:

1. Pair With Jewellery

Pairing different jewellery and accessories with co-ord sets is a classic way to create different looks with the same co-ords. You can even go for one statement piece, like a chunky necklace, pendant, or a bracelet or big and bold rings as an expression of your style.

2. Accessorise

Accessorise with scarves, stoles, different dupattas, etc., to dramatize your look (which we absolutely love for evening events).

3. Mix and Match Co-Ords

Become limitless when it comes to styling and try mixing and matching different co-ords to create some totally new looks out of your existing wardrobe.

We are sure that you are strongly considering co-ords and the many different ways you can use them for all your everyday and special events. Go ahead and check out our co-ords and style them the way you want.

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