Festive Wishes Styling Tips

Celebrate Valentines Day with a Statement of Love

Love is in the air and it is that time of the year again when professing your love in the mushiest manner is not deemed cloying. It is the time when you can unabashedly pursue the one you love, declare your love or reaffirm it after years of togetherness. It calls for a thoughtful gift that invokes the spirit of romance and works as a piece that rekindles the feelings year after year. While chocolates and flowers are a must, they seem incomplete without a significant something. Get something that will last for a long time and not go out of style; like a classy silk or pashmina stole from Shingora.


Floor the love of your life with a shawl, stole or scarf that embraces them in the warm love that you feel for them, not just at that time but for years together. Shingora has a whole wide range of wraps in silk, wool and pashmina that will be cherished by all. While women have a wardrobe full of articles that they shop for for themselves, it would be a treat indeed to get something that you take the time to select for them. All you need to focus on is to get the basics of quality right, and with a brand like Shingora you don’t have to worry. Set in the midst of a basket of roses or pin on a piece of poetry and watch her blush and glow.

For men, there is a lot to choose from amongst scarves and pocket squares. While they may not be shopaholics, they do appreciate the good things in life. You cannot go wrong with a stylish scarf in silk or wool, or even a classic pocket square that will have him reaching for it for special occasions. Gifted with a single rose or with a bunch of them, a luxurious piece will surely find a place of pride in his wardrobe.

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